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Facial pigmentation refers to brownish yellow discolouration on the face. The discoluration results from overproduction of melanin pigment by the melanocyte cells. Chloasma, freckles , blemishes are  the three main conditions that give rise to facial pigmentation.
Chloasma or melisma is patches of dark skin that appear on areas of the face exposed to sun.It is commonly seen in pregnant woman, woman taking birth control pills , and woman taking hormone replacement therapy during menopause.
Blemishes can occur as skin discoloration or dark spots, generally caused by acne breakouts. They can also be attributed to factors like hormonal imbalance, genetics, improper skin care, poor diet, sun exposure and aging.
Pimples, pustules, blackheads and whiteheads can also be categorized as blemishes caused by clogged pores. The unsightly blemishes can appear anywhere on the body but are most common on the face, neck, shoulders and back.
Freckles are small flat brown marks arising on the face and other sun exposed areas. The colour is due to the pigment accumulating in the skin cells.

SEPIA 200-Sepia is one of the top remedies for yellow and brownish discoloration of the face.The pigmentation is more on the nose and cheeks giving a saddle like appearance. The face is puffy with blue rings around the eyes.Sepia is a very effective remedy for facial pigmentation that occur during pregnancy, menopause and with menstrual irregularities.The patient experiences a bearing down sensation in the pelvis.A peculiar mental picture of indifference to loved ones is present in Sepia patients.

THUJA OCC . 200-Thuja occ.is an excellent remedy for skin discoloration due to chloasma. Light brown or red pigmented spots are seen on the face . Dry or greasy skin with brown blotches on the face.The patient experiences heat in the face.

BERBERIS AQUIFOLIUM 30—Berberis aquifolium is the top remedy that clears complexion. It has marked power for clearing off skin pigmentation to reveal clean, glowing skin. Berberis aquifolium is very effective for clears off scars from chloasma and acne. There is yellow brown patches on the face.The skin on the face may be pimply , dry , waxy, rough or scaly. It is effective for blotches and pimples.

CADMIUM SULPH 30– Cadmium sulph is prescribed when the skin pigmentation worsens with sun exposure.The face shows pigmented blotches varying from yellow , blue to brown in colour.The skin may show scales and cracks.Cadmium sulph. is also prescribed when the skin pigmentation getting worse when exposed to wind.

SULPHUR 200-Sulphur is another effective remedy for skin pigmentation due to chloasma.Sulphur is a good remedy for chloasma that has been treated with external application in the past. Sulphur patient having dry or rough skin with pigmented spots.There may be burning or itching on the face. Sulphur is considered the most suitable medicines for facial pigmentation resulting from cosmetic over use. Black pores may also seen on the face mainly on nose and  chin.

PHOSPHORUS 200-Phosphorus is a top remedy for freckles when tiny spots appear on the face, especially on the nose.It is worse during the summer season. The patient has a peculiar craving for cold things and experiences heat in the cheeks.

LYCOPODIUM 200-Lycopodum is a top remedy for freckles which is covered on the face.In Lycopodium patients the skin may turn yellow, blue rings around the eyes.Lycopodium patients prefer hot drinks and likes sweets.

BADIAGA 30– Badiaga is considered to be a specific remedy for pigmentation due to freckles.

CAULOPHYLLUM 30– Caulophyllum is prescribed when pigmented spots appear on the forehead with leucorrhoea.  It is seen in woman with menstrual and uterine disorders.

CIMCIFUGA RACEMOSA 30- Cimcifuga is effective for facial pigmentation resulting from facial blemishes in young women.

AMMONIUM CARB 30-Ammonium carb is a good remedy for pigmentation due to freckles. It is seen in stout , obese, sensitive, and chilly persons leading a sedentary life. Violent itching and burning is present.

KALI CARB 30-Kali carb is also an excellent remedy for pigmentation due to freckles.There is discolouration of the skin after childbirth or loss of vital fluids.

NATRUM HYPO SULPH . Q– Use this remedy locally and internally for removal of yellow and brown spots on the skin.