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Homoeopathic mother tinctures are found to be very effective for bleeding from nose. Some of them are given below-
AMBROSIA Q-Stuffed up feeling of nose when sneezing
ERIGERON Q-Congestion in the head. Face red
CYNADON DACTYLON Q- Epistaxis with bright red blood . Worse from heat of sun after coughing
BRYONIA ALB Q– Bright red blood , on getting up in the morning. Frequent bleeding of nose when menses should appear. Worse by slightest motion . Swelling of tip of nose
HAMAMELIS Q– Profuse bleeding , dark blood . Flow passive, non coagulable. Tightness in bridge of nose
JANOSIA ASOKA Q- Epistaxis with soreness of nostrils. Profuse rhinorrhoea. Sneezing. Obstruction of the nose . Insomnia
MILLIFOLIUM Q-Epistaxis with piercing from eyes to root of nose
FICUS RELIGIOSA Q- An excellent specific remedy for epistaxis
OCIMUM SANCTUM Q- Nasal catarrh associated with sneezing . White or yellow discharge from nose. Nostrils are ulcerated. Epistaxis
THLASPI BURSA Q- Passive haemorrhage. Bleeding in nasal operation

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