Dropsy  is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the interstitium, located beneath the skin and in the cavities of the body which cause severe pain. Clinically, edema manifests as swelling; the amount of interstitial fluid is determined by the balance of fluid homeostasis, and the increased secretion of fluid into the interstitium, or the impaired removal of the fluid can cause edema.
AEGLE  MARMELOS Q– Dropsy in any part of the body. There is swelling of the upper  eyelids. Dropsy due to heart diseases or due to beriberi. Dropsy is associated with backache and this is aggravated  in the afternoon
APOCYNUM Q- Dropsy with heart affections and menstrual troubles. Intense thirst but water disagrees in chilly patients
BOERHAAVIA DIFFUSA Q– Swelling of eyelids, legs, feet, abdomen etc. Oliguria. There is palpitation and intermittent throbbing pain in the cardiac region. Dropsy may be due to hepatic lesion , where the hepatic region is tender to touch but better by hard pressure
CALOTROPIS GIGANTEA Q – Dropsy . Frequent urination with strong smelling urine
CEPHALANDRA INDICA Q– Dropsy with large quantities of water accumulation at a time but with dry mouth. Profuse urination with weakness. There may be diabetes mellitus
CONVALLARIA MAJALIS Q- Dropsy due to sluggish action of heart, dyspnoea, palpitation, scanty urine
CYNADON DACTYLON Q- Dropsy with retention of urine. Anasarca with bilious vomiting and chronic diarrhea. Haemorrhagic symptoms are also present side by side
HYDROCOTYLE ASIATICA Q– Dropsy associated with frequent desire for urination . Urine becomes turbid on standing. There may be cardiac spasm , constriction of heart and irregular beating of heart. Pulse strong full and regular. Dropsy associated with fever , shivering in afternoon
HYGROPHILIA SPINOSA Q– Indicated for anasarca and dropsy. Dropsy associated with hepatic obstruction . Dropsy associated with symptoms of malaria. Dropsy with urticarial
LATHYRUS SATIVA  Q– Dropsy in beriberi
TERMINALIA CHEBULA Q– Dropsy associated with scanty urine. Frequent urination especially at night
VESICARIA COM. Q– Edema due to complete failure of kidneys

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