Home Remedies for Stains – Clean Different Types of Stains Effectively


Stain removal is the most dreaded housework task. At the same time, it is extremely easy for clothes, carpets, leather furniture and wooden surfaces to get stained. Many stain removing products are completely ineffective. Other, such as bleach, can literally ruin clothes and surfaces for good. Thankfully, you can use various home remedies for stains. They are easy to prepare and to use. They are much safer than standard stain removing products. More importantly, they are extremely effective.

The stains on clothes are the most stubborn and embarrassing. Plus, you do not want to throw away a brand new shirt just because it got stained. There are some very effective home remedies for stains that you can use to save your favorite garments from permanent damage. The most common stains from fruit, vegetables, juices and drinks are effectively removed with the use of common table salt. Try to dry the stain first and then place the garment on a soft cloth or a towel. Sprinkle as much salt as necessary on the spot and wait for at least half an hour.

Grease stains on clothes can be effectively removed with a mixture of lemon juice and table salt. Simply mix as much of the two ingredients as necessary to make a paste and rub it onto the stain. The stain has to be soaked with the mixture. Then you can remove it and place the clothing item to dry under direct sunlight for best results. This method is effective for removing rust stains as well. Ink stains on clothes are effectively removed with alcohol. Just soak a cotton ball in some alcohol and apply it onto the stain so that the liquid can penetrate through the fibers. Once the ink is removed, you should wash the garment to get rid of any remaining coloring.

There are two very simple and effective home remedies for carpet stains. You can use a quarter of a cup of vinegar and mix it with a cup of water to make an excellent carpet stain removing solution. Make sure the substance is homogenous. Then pour it into a spray bottle and spray over the stain. You do not have to do anything else, but let the cleaner take effect. You can readily use ammonia solution instead of vinegar. The recipe for this home remedy is the same. The results are equally effective.

Removing stains from leather furniture is extremely easy as long as you have the right home remedy. You need a quarter of a cup of vinegar and half a cup of warm water. Mix the two well and dip a soft cloth in the solution. Rub the stain carefully until it is removed. Then you can use leather saddle soap to make sure all dirt is removed from the stained area. They dry using another soft cloth.

Wooden furniture is extremely beautiful, but it is quite prone to stains. There are several natural home remedies for cleaning different types of stains on wood. If there is a greasy stain on the wooden surface, simply sprinkle as much salt as you can on it. Wait for some time until the grease is fully absorbed. Then remove the salt and go over with the surface with a polish to protect it from staining.

Water marks can also be easily removed from wood. You might be surprised but one of the simplest ways is to use the mayonnaise in your fridge. Simply apply some of it on a soft dry paper towel. Then place the towel on the water mark and press just a little bit, so that the mayo does not get spread to the sides. Wait for fifteen minutes and check whether the stain is gone. If not, rub more mayo into the water mark. Do this until the mark is completely removed. Then you can clean the wooden surface from the mayo and polish it. Alternatively, you can rub toothpaste into the water stain. Wait for it to dry and then remove it using a soft damp cloth.

You should not hesitate to try any of these home remedies for stains, if the need arises. They have been tested and proven to work. You will get the desired results, as long as you follow the instructions for preparation and use closely.

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