You wake up in the middle of the night because your partner just punched you.Your friends don’t want to share a room with you when you go on vacation.You wake up feeling tired instead of refreshed. If these sound familiar, then you probably suffer from snoring. Good news is that there are home remedies for snoring you can apply help you decrease and even completely get rid of your snoring.

Home Remedies for Snoring
  • Sleeping on the side, by tucking a pillow into the back helps prevent snoring.
  • Stick a nasal adhesive strip across the soft part of the nose, just above nostrils prior to bed time. The plastic bands that are embedded in the adhesive pad, helps in tightening and lifting the sides of nose, while also maintaining airflow while sleeping.
  • Practice correct breathing technique, as this will reduce the chances of you getting snoring. For this you can take help Yoga.
  • If you smoke, then chances of you getting snoring are much more. Hence stop smoking and prevent snoring form occurring. Avoiding smoking will also be beneficial for a healthy life.
  • Pour three to four drops of warm Brahmi ghee or plain ghee into each nostril in the morning and prior to bed time.
  • If overweight, try to lose weight through regular walks or any such exercise, which helps an obese person to breathe easily.
    Take care to go to bed at a scheduled time every day to get adequate sleep.
  • Snorers should strictly avoid use of sleeping pills, sedative antihistamines or alcohol. Smoking should be strictly avoided, as it irritates the nasal and throat lining.

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