Home Remedies for Bloating and Gas that Work Effectively


There are some conditions which are not dangerous for the general health, but are quite embarrassing. Stomach bloating and the passing of gases causes great discomfort and can make you feel really embarrassed in front of your table companions. There are various drugstore medications that you can take for bloating, but most of them are accompanied by side effects. Your best bet is to rely on natural home remedies for bloating and gas that really work.

Drinking one cup of chamomile tea every day can really have a great effect on your digestive tract. It soothes any irritations and aids digestion. You can also have dandelion tea. This type of beverage is not popular because of its bitter taste, but it has excellent medicinal properties. This home remedy for bloating and gas contains various chemical compounds that aid digestion naturally.

You can easily make dandelion tea by yourself. Just pick some fresh leaves and wash them well. You do not need to dry them. Just soak them in pre-boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes and drink the substance. You can have two standard teacups a day for effective results. Dandelion leaves are totally safe. In fact, they are used for the making of some popular types of salads.

Perhaps the most effective home remedy for bloating and gas is ginger. This is because of the digestive enzymes it contains. You can add it to dishes to improve their flavor and experience relief. You can also prepare a special homemade medication on your own. Just add one teaspoon of grated ginger to a tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix the two substances well and add the mixture to six ounces of water. Make sure the drink is well mixed and homogenous before you drink it. Taking this remedy two times a day should be sufficient.

There are plenty of natural herbs that aid digestion. In turn, they can have a positive effect on the functioning of your digestive tract and help for the prevention of bloating. Green tea is known to stimulate digestion and metabolism. It is also effective for constipation. You can add cayenne pepper to your dishes or dissolve a pinch of it in a glass of water and add a teaspoon of lemon juice. You will really notice an improvement your digestion. You might lose some weight as well.

All these home remedies for bloating and gas will really help you. You should also avoid soda drinks and beer to prevent these unpleasant effects from occurring.

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