Holism: The Missing Perspective in Curing Acne for Good

For most of us who have ever suffered (and probably continue to suffer) from the wretch that is acne, we’re too intimately aware of the psychological burden and desperation that comes with it. It can be extremely painful, to say the least. And it’s in our desperate need to escape this pain that those of us who have lived with the burden for a while have probably tried every treatment option presented to us, most times from people and companies that have a vested interest to only “manage” the problem rather than cure it for good.

It should not come as any surprise, then, that time and time again, we try so many drugs and vitamins and creams and diets that promise to take care of the problem, only to discover they were just that: promises, ones that were never meant to be kept! Take the pharmaceuticals, for instance; a huge part of their market is individuals who have bought into the idea that if you can just find the right drug or topical lotion, and use it with enough repetition, then their acne will somehow go away!

This is certainly good for the manufacturers and the industry that sustains them; but what about the consumer and the promise that will probably never truly materialize?

There’s something missing in the way most acne sufferers approach treatment to their acne that gets them in trouble and disappointed time and time again.

As it turns out, most of us are usually focused only on tiny fragments of a bigger puzzle! While, for example, there’s a strong correlation between diet and acne, focusing on what goes into your stomach alone won’t be enough to cure your acne. The diet approach — just as it is with focusing on creams or drugs or some therapy alone– is only a small portion of a bigger, whole approach that’s actually needed to cure acne permanently.

What’s missing for an overwhelmingly majority of sufferers is a holistic approach to treatment: the outlook (and practice) that all natural systems, including the human body, ought to be viewed as wholes– not just as collections of parts. Acne is a much deeper problem than just the pimples or blackheads that appear on your face. Those are merely the symptoms. And so while focusing on what type of cleanser you use on your face or what cream you apply thereafter might, in some cases, manage to slow down the symptoms, it’s only with a holistic approach to treatment that acne can truly be cured.

Article Source: Mark Payne

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