There is an assumption that the history of HIV and AIDS originated from mainland Africa. History of HIV AIDS, according to the story stems from the community’s conventional meat eating monkey. Monkey blood containing the HIV virus was then entered into the human body. Furthermore, HIV-AIDS grew to history revolving as it is known today.

If the Chinese believe the meat and monkey brain contains certain properties, but not with the people of Africa. Chances are they eating monkey meat as cultural. History of HIV AIDS in Africa was believed to have been very long. The virus has spread across this continent long before the research on AIDS. But not just the reported deaths due to HIV or AIDS, but because of the diseases associated with the lungs, such as tuberculosis and other breathing difficulties.

History of HIV AIDS and Drugs

Vigorous campaign on HIV AIDS HIV AIDS has made history becomes more colorful. Medicines more affordable and readily available to the health center. In fact, the red fruit of Papua is also believed by some to be inhibiting the progression of HIV AIDS (although until now there has been no definitive data on the kefektifitasannya).

HIV AIDS History also suggests a rumor that one of the HIV-AIDS sufferers had recovered 100% after bone marrow transplant.

Now, in Indonesia there was a Traditional Medicine Center (in the city of Bandung – West Java), which claim to help people with HIV AIDS (PLWHA) in treating HIV-AIDS virus. Claims traditional medicine is also strengthened by the evidence of patient lab results that have been recovered.

While the history of the HIV-AIDS noted that medical drugs for HIV AIDS is antiretroviral drugs, which until now can be obtained free of charge at all hospitals in Indonesia.

History of HIV AIDS and Death

However, it turns out the history of HIV-AIDS is still shrouded by death after a pretty horrible death. The HIV-AIDS sufferers from a down economy, as in India, Africa, and other regions of the world, preferring suicide. Moreover, it turns out most people with HIV-AIDS are not dying because of HIV or AIDS, but because of hepatitis C cirrhosis or even liver cancer that ended up being. Death is more horrible because before death, the patient will experience long suffering made them suffer physically.

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