Hidden Causes of Obesity

Some of the main causes of obesity are hidden from the public. There are powerful industry benefits greatly from the observance of these substances in food and the public. They have the money and public relations experts to ensure that this continues. I’m not saying there is a diabolical conspiracy for fat, but it only works this way. In the process of the company, its mission, the more profit for the owners and managers, open to the public – and the health of future generations – is damaged. Meanwhile, public watchdogs deliberately looking away or even actively protect what the science tells us that the main risks to the health of millions of people around the world.
hiddenWhat Are These Hidden Causes of Obesity?
The underlying causes of obesity are a class of flavor enhancers such as excitoxins, fluoride in drinking water and corn syrup high fructose known almost everywhere. These are the great men that are harder to avoid – and least known!
Hidden. There are several other suspicious factors, such as PET and other plastics, chemicals in food and beverage use, and the effects of stress on weight gain. I have no place for those who already believe that it is well known in other places.
Most public awareness of MSG, but less familiar with their nickname and many similar this is one reason excitotoxins, like MSG is difficult to avoid in food and beverages. The names of these ingredients are still evolving; it is difficult to tell the public to avoid this.
What is more important that not many know that excitotoxins like MSG and aspartame also showed that obesity leads to all kinds of animals – but without increasing the calories burned!
This excitotoxin-induced obesity is not a rarity, but rather a characteristic effect observed in the early test for the safety of additives in animal issues. They are all obese.
The Food Was Very Effective in Silencing the Alarm.
That’s what I have these important factors in the obesity epidemic telling means hidden in plain view. We have a vague idea of MSG, aspartame and other additives that some negative effects, but obesity is not yet known, because of the public.
Therefore it is natural that we do not know can hurt us, if we had no idea about the seriousness of the threat has been it! Specifically, the fact that if you do not really know what causes obesity, correcting their efforts fails. And that is what we see.
I am very sensitive to the effects of excitotoxins and corn syrup, high fructose, in particular, I have avoided for years. I had no idea about the dangers of fluoride, until I heard a lecture by Dr. Myron Wentz in 2000. Luckily, I live in a state where no fluoride in our drinking water is widely used, but keep the toothpaste is always a challenge.
Most of the restaurants is prepared and shipped frozen by a variety of improving the taste, the chemical is already present, and it is very difficult to avoid these excitoxins in the diet. About the only defense is to make home cooking from basic ingredients.
Fluoride is a very interesting story about the hidden causes of obesity. Did you know that most of the fluoride used in water supply in the United States from China, where it is the product of industrial waste?
Yes, you read that right: we pay you in China to send us their toxic industrial waste that our “health authorities” in our water!
Even more surprising is the fact that this type of industrial waste is of pharmaceutical quality and is not particularly effective in preventing caries.
The real capper in the history of fluoride in our diet is that fluoride has been used for years in Europe as a prescription drug to an effective reduction of thyroid function. After fluoride warning website and other sources of fluoride confidence – reducing the thyroid is to regulate our metabolism – can be an important factor in the hidden causes of obesity. Hidden.

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