Heroin – Why It’s Here and Where It Stands

heroinAlthough heroin is very addictive effects of drugs is a powerful anxiolytic and analgesic effects. In fact, in the same way, the doctor in the United States, morphine is used in the UK. Second hand this is correct, in Britain, drugs and drug production Dimo rphine. Doctors in the United States, the world’s “last call” unnecessary and dangerous morphine, opium Dimo rphine potentially rapid deterioration in the liver would have thought.
But heroin “cut” IV seems to be talking about the side effects of heroin users. Old after intravenous injection of heroin, a long discussion, please tell me, excited feelings, morphine, heroin is stronger than. Interestingly, the stress caused, many people with palliative care drugs to treat these patients began to think outside the box.
Heroin. Europe with cancer pain and palliative care in critically ill patients, this is a very bad direction. Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands have legalized the use of this relationship, in Norway and other EU countries have now in this direction is a step.
It seems the first world countries, EU caduceus is still in the first place. Sound for dying patients and comfort for humanitarian action should not be surprised. For example, already exist in Europe, Germany’s first step is to master the technology of the world’s first to support this direction is a country. Interestingly, the German form of this treatment is in progress. As you guessed, heroin, German invention.
Historically, the stuff that’s interesting is the lighting. Dr. Bayer (a German company to this day), according to the Institute of aspirin from willow bark, it is the work of others with the insulation you can move forward. Aspirin, now known as the first isolated from willow bark as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the major categories of drugs. After this great discovery, and now the so-called central nervous system of individual isomers μ – opioid receptor agonist compounds, is working in the lab.
Removing Diacetylmorphine Bayer laboratories. You guessed it, the main character. The company immediately full of drugs in liquid form, go to work, sales of prescription heroin addiction in the United States under the brand of the cold “hero” does not mean do not start. This is correct. Heroin is a registered trademark of the Bayer Laboratories. This marketing campaign from 1895 to 1910. So the American people in the United States reported the destruction of the installation and Bayer, the drug prevention and marketing began to demand morphine metabolites.
Most Americans, if you know there are serious problems with the morphine must remember that keeping your sins, and we treat hundreds of thousands of veterans of the Civil War, they are addictive, and he was wounded.
Bayer is a disgrace, and the product key.
Interestingly, the Harrison Drug Act, the United States, Congress and the tax on illegal drugs, after four years. Until 1924, and since then crime, drugs, is Americans wed often in discussions on the two tables do not need the medication is The United States cartels, our southern border, as well as today’s war in the form of acceptance or to tolerate their presence in the fight against a monster that can not be loose on the road with the development from the beginning had a large dragon. Heroin.

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