Here Is Simple And Accurate Ways To Check Our Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a mood killer. Ranging from co-workers to fellow passengers on public transport, can be a spreader of bad breath. If most of us believe that blew breath into the palm of our hands, then kissed it is an effective way to detect bad breath, according to experts, its not a very effective way. Here’s how to detect bad breath. Dr. Uchenna Okoye (Director of the London Smiling Dental Group and Oral B) said, breathing in the palm of the hand does not always work to detect bad breath. It only causes our hands smell, and it was very bad.


Lick the back of the wrist and wait saliva dries then kiss it, is a better way to find out if we have bad breath or not. That is the way to isolate saliva, so that the breath can smell wafted from the saliva. Dr. Uchenna says, bacteria in the mouth break down food and produce sulfur compounds that cause bad breath. Bad breath can vary throughout the day. So, you should check it three to four times within a period of 24 hours.

Another way is to lick the back of a spoon and wait saliva dries up, and smell it.

Often the condition of the tongue is also a measure of oral hygiene. Dr. Uchenna explained, if tongue covered with a white layer means that the conditions are not good even though there are some people who naturally have more white tongue. Pink tongue is a sign of a healthy mouth. Smelling flossing after being used to clean the tongue (though dirty), is also one way to detect if we have bad breath or not.
If you have a bad breath problem, you need not worry. Washtenaw District Dental Society estimates that there are 65% of Americans experience the problem of bad breath or halitosis. Many of us were then wonder, what is actually the causes of bad breath?
In the video TED-Ed, professor and researcher on bad breath, Mel Rosenberg, said the bad breath comes from the activity of bacteria in the mouth. Rosenberg explained that the bacteria in the mouth can be derived from the slime food we were eating, leftovers and dead tissue cells.

To absorb nutrients through the cell membrane, bacteria in the mouth must solve the organic material into smaller molukel. An example is, if they would break down proteins into amino acid components, then break it further into a variety of compounds. The reaction is then created the odor from the mouth, such as hydrogen sulfide and cadaverin.

If you are one who has bad breath, it is advisable to maintain oral hygiene. The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth for two times a day, then do the flossing, and regular dental check to the dentist. Jennifer Jablow, a dentist in New York said, chewing gum can help us in certain cases. One ingredient that can prevent dry mouth can cause bad breath is xylitol. This material is a sugar substitute found in chewing gum and dental products.

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