Hypertension is defined as the circulating of blood and the pressure against the arteries.  A combination of unhealthy diets, little exercise, stress and genetic factors are the cause of hypertension (high blood pressure).
Herbs have the ability to treat High blood pressure and many high blood pressure herbal remedies are available to treat this condition. Most people are shocked when they come to know that they are affected by hypertension or High Blood pressure. There are no symptoms in most of the cases, the excess pressure in the arteries and veins are the primarily reason for Hypertension. Middle aged men and old age people are mostly affected by this condition, but today hypertension is also found in many young adults. Natural high blood pressure herbal cures are preferred by everyone due to the adverse effect of the medicine. Apart from the side effects, the drugs are very expensive and some find difficult to afford it. Blood pressure herbal remedies are inexpensive and provide a safe treatment without any side effects. This is the main reason why many people consider Blood pressure herbal remedies as the best method to treat Hypertension.
Rauwolfia serpentine
Prepared from the root of the plant. It is very effective in controlling hypertension. Take 10 drops tincture three times daily
 Prepared from the bark of Arjuna plant.  This Arjuna herb is one of the well known blood pressure herbal remedies. Arjuna protects the heart by strengthening the heart muscle and supporting the circulation. It stops bleeding and heals faster after a heart attack. Bark of Arjuna is rich in Co enzyme Q10 and triterpine glycosides which supports functioning of the heart and arteries. So when the heart and arteries are in good condition, the risk rate of getting Hypertension is very less. Take 10 drops of the tincture three times daily
Hawthorne Herb 
Prepared from the seeds Also works as good blood pressure herbal remedy, by supporting the functions of heart and circulatory system. They help to prevent growth of atherosclerosis, dilate blood vessels and lower the cholesterol levels.Take 10-15 drops three times daily
Acts as the effective blood pressure herbal remedy. Although it has the ability to cure both high blood pressure and low blood pressure. It is highly used to treat High blood pressure. Garlic can also lower cholesterol level, destroy plaque and prevent blood clots. One or two clove of garlic taken every day for 12 weeks can give you the desired results. You can add it along with food or can be taken raw.
 Also helps to reduce blood pressure very effectively. It can lower blood cholesterol, and very much useful in cardiac ischemia, atherosclerosis and psoriasis. Due to the excess level of LDL cholesterol, diabetic patients develop Hypertension but Guggal reduces LDL by producing HDL.
Viscum alb
Very effective blood pressure controlling remedy. Take 10 drops three times daily

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