Herbs are used in almost all health conditions. A plants effect on the body will vary according to their active constituents. Coffee foe example contain caffeine, which stimulates the cardiovascular and nervous systems., making you more alert . Menthol leaves contain menthol , which is calming and antispasmodic , it relaxes the stomach  and aids digestion
Coffee and mint are just two of the hundreds of plants that medical herbalist have  at their disposal  each with its own individual properties. As a result both training and experience , a good herbalist knows which herb or combination of herbs is best for treating  a particular disorder
Like many common drugs coffee and mint are relatively harmless , but some herbs have a more potent effect. Certain combinations of herbs can also have adverse side effects , and the action of some plants can interfere with that of conventional drugs. For example St. John’s wort can reduce the effect of some of the drugs used to treat cardiac and circulatory disorders and also been known to interfere with the contraceptive pill.
So it is always advisable to consult a qualified medical herbalist before treating anything. I have got 30 years of clinical experience in this field. And I have qualified in Homoeopathic medicine. For any consultation and doubts contact me
Dr. K.S Gopi  B Sc, BHMS, MD

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