Herbal medicine for children


Herbal medicine for children

Herbal medicine offers a natural approach to health that has been used for hundreds of years by many people living all over the earth.

A variety of herbal preparations can be used safely by informed parents in health care of their infants and children.

Care must be taken with dosage for children because of their smaller body size, children obviously require lower dosages than adults do, but there is no clear cut guidelines for herbal formulation.

By using natural medicine in the form of food, herbs, homeopathy and water treatments the parent can actually help the children to build strong bodies that are more resistant to disease.

Infants and children generally respond to herbal medicines easily and positively. Their body are smaller and their system are still maturing, which makes them more vulnerable to the healing effects of mild herbs.

Herbs make the body stronger, as does healthy food, and it triggers the body’s own defend mechanisms it heal itself.

For the nursing child, the benefits of herbal treatment may be had via mother’s milk. Mother needs to drink more frequent doses of an herbal infusion or decoction so that the healing properties pass into her bloods stream and thus into her milk.

Many studies demonstrating the effectiveness of herbal remedies with children have been published. For example standardized ginger root has been shown to be effective in treating motion sickness in children ages 4 to 8 years.
Herbal medicine for children

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