That’s the reason why heart attacks are more deadly if it happened to women than men.

“The hallmark symptom of heart attack is chest pain and discomfort. Yet women tend to have different attacks,” said Specialist Doctors Hospital Cardiac Premier Jatinegara dr Pradana Tedjasukmana, SpJP, FIFA, after the seminar ordinary ‘Coronary Heart Disease Can Be Treated’ held RS Premier Jatinegara at the Ritz Carlton Jakarta, Sunday (27/5).

Pradana explains, sometimes a few women who have heart attacks never experienced chest pain. So women need to be more observant to recognize heart attack symptoms such as pain in the neck, jaw, shoulders or back, abdominal discomfort or trouble breathing all of a sudden.

“If you are showing symptoms of unusual advised to be quick to find a doctor or go to the emergency room (ER) for further examination,” said Pradana.

So, the more specific, like what exactly the symptoms of a heart attack that hit a woman?

Quickly feel exhausted

More than 70% of respondents in the study the National Institutes of Health (NIH) quickly feel exhausted before a heart attack. Usually fatigue is felt by a full month before the attack occurred.

But how to distinguish fatigue caused by a disturbance in the heart with the usual fatigue we experience, for example, tired of exercising or working out?

What distinguishes truth is, if we feel fatigue after exercise will usually disappear once we eat, shower, or doing relaxation.

While the fatigue caused by disturbances of the heart will be slow, as if the body was never able to recharge the energy to perform various activities.

Insomnia or difficulty sleeping at night

Despite feeling very tired and the body seemed to not be able to recharge energy, we still can not sleep at night. And it usually lasts for a long time, it can be in a month we have insomnia.

Anxiety and stress

Heart health experts agree, stress is a major trigger of heart attacks. And in the study, the women who had experienced a heart attack story, the stress is more typical.

As a result they were a big hit and panic because they can not get out of trouble.

Experiencing problems with the gastrointestinal tract

Ranging from abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, nausea is until one of the symptoms of heart attack in women-specific. And usually, all the ‘complaints’ stomach that felt simultaneously.

His breath became shorter

NIH study also concluded, there are as many as 40% of the respondents who had difficulty breathing before the heart attack occurred. Characteristics of the easiest is if when you climb stairs or walk, suddenly we feel out of breath, this could be a signal of a heart attack are to be anticipated.

Pain in the jaw, neck, ears, and shoulders

In general, he felt pain in the chest, but it is not the case in women. Spread the pain more, and even felt to the jaw, neck, and ears.

Besides understanding the symptoms, we must also have an awareness of these symptoms begin to be felt, see a doctor immediately. [Mor]

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