Heart Attack, Osteoporosis Linked in Men Over 50


Here is a summary of a recent newsrelease:
February 27, 2006
Men who have survived a heart attack are at increased risk of bone loss and osteoporosis in later life, says Tulane University researcher Jeanette H. Magnus.
“We have long known that heart disease and osteoporosis have similar risk factors, but this is the first study to examine the relationship between heart attack survivors and low bone mineral density,” says Magnus. “According to our data, people who reported a previous heart attack were more likely to have low bone mineral density than those who did not report a heart attack. We recommend that men who survive heart attacks be screened for bone density loss,” concluded
The results are published in a recent issue of Osteoporosis International.
This Study corroborates evidence published in The Milk Imperative which shows a direct link between osteoporosis and heart disease. But what is this mysterious link? As explained in the book, the common link is harmful calcification. And what is the biggest cause of harmful calcification in the human diet? The answer is that a regular consumption of dairy milk is by far the biggest dietary cause of harmful calcification. To see the evidence go to http://www.milkimperative.com/.

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