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Everyone will want to have a healthy body for daily activities. But, a lot of unexpected things that plague our health, e.g. sore throat. treat sore throat healthy tips
When the rainy season, usually a lot of people affected by a sore throat. the sufferer feels pain – pain in his throat hoarse. And of course, this doesn’t make comfortable. But, there are some ways to cope with it i.e.,
Bathing with warm water, it is highly recommended for you who are sore throats because of the steam that you breathe when you bathe can help clear the sinuses usually make a sore throat.
Drinking plain water, keeping the body so as not to lack of fluids is crucial because the water you drink may keep your throat moist.
Drinking warm tea, drinking hot tea is also one of the things recommended for sufferers of sore throat because in it there is an antioxidant that can prevent the infection and strengthen your body’s endurance.
Drinking water is warm honey, honey contains antibacterial that can accelerate the healing of a sore throat and increases health and endurance of the body. Honey can also be used as a mixture of hot tea to make it more delicious.
Well, that last tips on coping with a sore throat. If the pain goes on immediately to the doctor.

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