Health problems in pubic hair


If your bathroom is too fast, there is usually a part of the body that are not washed properly. The worst thing is when you forget to clean the intimate.

Rarely wash intimate parts also fueled the growth of bacteria. As a result, you can get health problems pubic hair called Trichomycosis axillary line. To better understand this condition, consider the description as reported by Health Me Up (13/10) below.

Understanding Trichomycosis axillary
Trichomycosis axillaris was a colony of bacteria that grow in sweat glands hair, usually are found in the armpits and pubic area. These conditions make pubic hair changed color to white, yellow to orange. However Trichomycosis axillary line is not a disease, because there are no symptoms and can be cured. The condition is also more common among men than women.

Cause Trichomycosis axillary
Bacterial growth due to excessive sweat and moisture. Hence, axillary hair and pubic most frequently attacked. Another cause why men are more likely to suffer from axillary Trichomycosis is because women often shave their pubic hair and armpits.

Treatment of axillary Trichomycosis
There are several ways to prevent and treat Trichomycosis axillary line. Some of these include a haircut, wash with soap on a regular basis, using the powder in order to keep the area dry, and the use of antibiotics or a special gel.

In essence, you should diligently maintain cleanliness to avoid axillary Trichomycosis. Because diseases caused by bacteria usually triggered by a lack of clean living habits.

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