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There are numerous health benefits of walking everyday in the morning in park or grass. It is very important exercise for living a healthy life. A daily 30 minutes walk can cut at least 250 calories and reduces the cholesterol levels in body keeping your heart young and healthy. Walking produces sweat which helps skin by clearing from clearing dirt clogged in pores. It also helps to reduce diabetes and stress. Here is the detailed information of how walking helps our body.


Walking helps to lose weight

A daily 30 minutes walk can burn at least 250 calories from our body. It is one of the best exercise that helps to cut fats from our entire body. Regular walk helps to keep our thighs and stomach slimmer keeping you fit, slim and beautiful. According to a research walking had shown more effective results in making a person slimmer instead of dieting and starving. It also prevents body from diseases like colon and breast cancer. Hence to lose weight and stay healthy, walk daily for 30 minutes.

Keeps heart diseases away

Walking makes our heart to pump fast that is also a great heart exercise. It increases the flow of blood to our body that means more nutrients and oxygen is supplied to body. It also helps to prevent blocking of heart veins thus protecting you from strokes. Eating healthy and a little exercise is the key to stay fit and live long.

Walking makes our skin glow

Since walking increases the flow of blood in body our skin gets more oxygen and other nutrients that keeps it nourished and glowing. Also it makes our sweat glands to function more. The sweat that is produced by these glands washes away the dirt from our pores making your skin glow.

Improves digestion

Walking is very helpful for our digestive system. It prevents constipation, gas problems, indigestion and keeps our digestive glands healthy. Daily walking keeps our bowel movements smooth leading to proper digestion and excretion of wastes from body. 

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Helps to reduce stress

Walking is a great exercise that can help to reduce your physical and mental strength. When we walk endorphins are released in body which neutralizes the feeling of stress in body. Hence is better to kill stress before it kills you.

Improves physical and mental health

Since walking makes our heart to pump fast our brain and muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients. This makes our muscles and bones stronger. It also makes our brain more active and helps to increase its power. Hence walking is considered to be the best and easiest exercise for our brain and muscles.

Overcomes risks of diabetes

Since walking is a great calorie burner it helps to maintain the sugar levels in body protecting you from getting diabetes. Walking daily burns the extra calories in body that keeps diabetes away.

Adds years to life

Walking keeps many health problems away like heart strokes, high cholesterol levels, risk of diabetes. It keeps or leg joints strong thus keeping your legs strong in your old age. A research conducted showed that eating healthy food and walking can make you live at least 5 years more. 

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