Health Benefits of Tawa-Tawa



Scientific Name: Euphorbia hirta L.
English Name: Asthma Plant, Hairy Spurge
Common Name: Tawa-tawa, Euphorbia hirta
Filipino Name: Tawa-tawa, Gatas-gatas, Mangagaw

Tawa-tawa herb is the most famous herb for Dengue Fever. This herb most commonly grow in grassland in most tropical countries in Southeast Asia including Philippines and Thailand.

This grass can be made into a tea and let the patient drink it as substitute for water. Tawa-tawa Tea has chemical components that could stop internal hemorrhage and thus raises the level of red blood cells in our body. It also can decrease blood clotting time. And Dengue Fever is cured in just 24 hours. Many people testified Tawa-tawa as cure for Dengue hemorrhagic fever specially in the Philipines. Tawa-tawa can in general, help in the healing process of every illness a person has.

Two separate studies were conducted in San Pedro College in Davao City and University of Santo Tomas-Faculty of Pharmacy to test Tawa-tawa effectivity in Rabbit and Rats respectively. Results show that Tawa-tawa increased the platelet count of rabbit to 194% and also increased platelet of laboratory mice and reduce its bleeding time.

Based on these studies plus the personal testimonies of the patients, the government of the Philippines is making a move on a more reliable research and evidence on this issue. However, as there is no concrete evidence yet on humans, this remains a theory. As Dengue Fever cases can be different from one individual to another, an advise is not to rely solely on this as the remedy. There is still a need to rehydrate the patient and seek professional opinion.

This is how to make a Tawa-Tawa Tea


1. Pick a bunch of Tawa-tawa stems.
2. Wash with flowing water.
3. Bring into a boil with a pitcher of water.
4. Use a strainer to separate water from Tawa-tawa stems.
5. Drink a glass of water every 1 hour for 24 hours.
6. Alternatively, you can add some amount of sugar to make a better taste of tea. Or you can use this as water for your lemon juice or your hot drink in the morning.

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