Health Benefits of Onion: Anti Cancer


Scientific Name: Allium cepa L.
English Name:Onion, Shallot
Common Name: Onion
Filipino Name: Sibuyas Bombay

Please don’t take this for granted. It heals all our common minor health problems and even major major health problems.

Obviously, many people hates onion. We may always set aside onion in our dish or on the sides of our plates when eating because we don’t like its taste and its smell. This article is very simple. This is just to give you a brief picture of how this common spice which is always available at home could help us in our simple and complex health problems.

What’s in Onion that makes it a medicine?

Onion contains sulfur that makes its smell pungent. Do you know that sulfur component of Onion is released when it is cut or sliced. It is the tear-producing agent present in onion that is why we cry when we cut onions. Other kinds of onion have less amount of this agent making it less tear-producing when cut. Sulfur in onion are in a variety of forms. Most of them are sulfur compounds which could further react to other substances around. These sulfur compounds are used as antibacterial which is used to treat skin diseases including acne and pimples.

Onion can be used to treat children with sticky phlegm. It melts the phlegm making it easier to be discharged. For people experiencing cold palms and soles, fresh onion is rubbed in the area to relieve the ailment. Onion is also very helpful in ladies suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome.

More importantly, onion is an anti-cancer agent. It contains antioxidant which are natural agents fighting against free radicals. Antioxidants are present in vitamin B groups. They are very important in maintaining the health of our immune system. Immune system is responsible in protecting our body falling sick.

Onion is an overall body toner. It can give relief to people having fatigue. It is only crushed and mixed into a cup of water taken in every morning or as preferred.

Aside from that, onion is also used as a super-absorbent agent. It absorbs odor and moisture. Try cutting onion into small pieces, put it in a wide-mouthed shallow container and let it stand in the kitchen or the living room. Notice after a day or two that the onion has trapped dirt all over it.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

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