Health Benefits of Noni Juice or Apatot Juice

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Trans Morinda Fruit Juice

Noni is a plant that bears fruit. It originated in India and was first recognized as a miracle plant in Japan. Its smell is awful. It belongs to the coffee family and its scientific name is Morinda citrifolia. It is also called Indian mulberry, cheese fruit, beach mulberry and Apatot. It is very famous in Philippines with the name Apatot.

Noni grows in any tropical country. In Philippines, Indinesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India. It grows anywhere in the forest or in residential areas. It loves a bit dry soil and sandy soil. It can bear fruit as early as 20 months from being planted. Its fruit almost looks similar to soursop but it has smoother texture.

Any part of Noni Plant can be used as herbal medicine. Its twigs and leaves can be boiled and used as tea. Its ripe fruits can be made into puree.

Based on many testimonies from people who experienced the miracle of Noni juice, they said it cured them from their illnesses like arthritis, menstrual disorders, rheumatitis, AIDS, heart disease, cancer and kidney infection. It also aids in the circulation so as lowering blood pressure thus preventing blockages that can cause stroke. Refer here.

Noni has been studied in the Science Laboratory and it was found out to be containing anti-oxidants, immune-stimulating agents, and tumor-fighting properties. Refer here.

In the United States, Noni products are sold as a Dietary Supplement. And proponents also claim many effective uses of Noni juice including cancer fighting. Refer here.

Noni juice or tea has phytochemicals and contains carbohydrates. These phytochemicals or the chemicals found in plants are useful in fighting against any disease as it boosts the immune system of the person.

In Thailand, noni leaves are used in some dishes and the fruits are mixed in the ingredients for Sum Tam. There are also Noni Tea available in the market.

I started using Noni Juice 4 days ago. My husband has ruptured and whole brain aneurysm and heart disease. I suspected I have problems in my Kidneys and my digestive system. In 3 months time, I would have a physical check-up and would update you guys.

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