Health Benefits of Mayana



Scientific Name: Coleus blumei Benth

Common Name: Mayana
English Name: Painted Nettle
Filipino Name: Mayana

Mayana is an herb that is usually cultivated as ornament. It has acer rubrum leaves which are dotched or colored with mostly purple. Some leaf colors are yellow, green, red, pink, and sometimes blue but the most common one is purple. Its leaves give mayana its attractive color giving people the idea to display varieties of them in their houses.

Mayana grows fast and healthy in humid places. They don’t like prolonged exposure to sunlight as their leaves dry up. A little bit of sunlight exposure in the morning can make their color more contrast and bright. And a morning and evening sprinkling of water is enough for them to grow nicely and beautifully.

Mayana has long been used as home remedy for many illness such as cough and cold and also fever. It has long been used since about a century ago.  Some uses of Mayana herbal plant are found below.

Indications and Preparations of Mayana Herbal Plant:
1. Cough: Infusion – put clean, fresh leaves into a pitcher of water and use as drinking water everyday.

2. Headache: Pound the leaves and extract the juice. Wipe the juice to the area of pain. It provides cooling effect to the head and can relieve headache.

3. Swelling and Bruises: Press the leaves slightly to reveal its juice and put it on top of swelling area.

4. Anti-inflammatory: Infusion – use the same formula for cough. Take Mayana infusion as substitute for your water on a daily basis.

5. Anti-oxidant: Mayana contains special phytochemical that helps in fighting against free radicals that invade our bodies. Drink mayana herbal plant as infusion similar to cough remedy and anti-inflammatory remedy.
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