Health Benefits of Lime


Lime Health Benefits
Citrus Fruits are the worlds healthiest fruits. They contain a number of agents that are very beneficial to people’s lives.
Lime Health Benefits include: 
Limes can help make people’s skin look younger. Because of its anti-aging content, lime has been used by Chinese to make their skin younger looking. Lime also is used for detox programs. Detox is short for detoxify means to remove all toxic materials from the body which probably comes from different foods people eat over long period of time. It is advisable that people undergo detox process once every 6 months to eliminate unhealthy elements from the body.
Specific Health Benefits include the cure of scurvy which is a skin disease caused by  fungi. Lime also can aid in the smooth digestion. It also helps to prevent constipation. Lime contains vitamin C which is antioxidant. This helps prevent the development of cancer cells in the body.
Source: Organic Facts

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