Health Benefits of Lemon Grass


Scientific Name: Andropogon citratus
English Name: Lemon Grass
Tagalog Name: Tanglad
Cebuano Name: Tanglad, Tangad


Lemon grass (Tanglad in Filipino) is used as a spice for culinary purposes. It provides aroma to the food especially when preparing Tom Yum (Thai Food) and Sinigang (FIlipino Food). It is also used as herbal medicine that can cure some diseases. Its leaves are long and thin. It grows typically in most tropical countries in Southeast Asia.

Indications and Preparation:

1. Fever: Decoction of leaves
2. Dandruff: Infusion of leaves and use as shampoo everyday
3. Highblood: Decoction of leaves
4. Stomachache: Decoction of leaves


Decoction – is a method of extraction by boiling of dissolved chemicals from herbal or plant material, which may include stems, roots, bark and rhizomes. Decoction involves first mashing and then boiling in water to extract oils, volatile organic compounds and other chemical substances. (wikipedia)

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