Health Benefits of Ampalaya Herbal Plant



Scientific Name: Momordica charantia

English Name: Bitter Melon, Bitter Gourd
Tagalog Name: Ampalaya
Cebuano Name: Ampalaya, Palya


Ampalaya is an edible vine usually used in culinary. It has a long, oval fruit that contains many seeds inside. Its taste is bitter. It grows typically in most tropical countries in Southeast Asia.

Health Benefits of Ampalaya

Indications and Preparation:

1. Malaria: Leaf juice contains substituents that can cure malaria.
2. Diabetes Mellitus: Bitter melon has lectin that acts as insulin and does insulin activities by linking to insulin receptors.
3. Cancer: it has anticancer constituents that can kill cancer cells especially cancer in the blood.
4. Antiviral: effective in treating HIV and other viral diseases.


The most effective way of using Ampalaya as herbal medicine is juicing either its leaves or its fruit. The fruit has more juice so it is usually used for juicing. Take one whole fruit of ampalaya, wash it clean, slice into smaller pieces and put into the juicer. Pure juice is extracted using fruit juicer. To savor its bitter taste, add lemon juice and honey, and drink as often as possible. It is very effective.

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