Health Benefits of Aloe Vera


Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Scientific Name: Aloe barbadensis mill.
English Name: Aloe Vera
Common Name: Aloe Vera
Filipino Name: Sabila, Aloe Vera


Aloe vera belongs to Xanthorrhoeacea family under Asparagales order. It is a subtropical, stemless plant that grows up to 100 centimeters high. It has fleshy and juicy large leaves that grow in an alternate manner. The leaves are serrated.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera. Aloe vera contains several plant chemicals. These chemicals are the useful in fighting against many diseases in human beings. Such plant chemicals or phytochemicals are mannans, emodins, C-glycocides, anthrones and Lectins.

Aloe vera is also good for the skin.There is one very important compound found in aloe vera which is caleed aloin. Aloin is believed to be the one responsible for young looking faces. This is the main ingredients in some facial products.


Shape published in 2013 saying that drinking Aloe Vera juice is the ultimate healthy habit because it helps in loosing weight, aids in proper digestion, immune function, and even easing general discomfort. In digestion, Aloe vera juice is effective in having smooth digestion process as it provides comfort in the intestines. It is also good for cleansing or detoxification.

Some claims are raised against aloe vera toxicity and those who planned to use raw aloe vera must pay extra care in choosing the right type of aloe vera.

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