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TEMPORARY mouth or bad breath really is embarrassing. However, it sure is a shame if they did not perceive the experience or leave without any action.

This problem is also known as halitosis is not just involve the individual but also can cause a person away. What causes this problem?

Factor is mainly due to food waste the remaining gap in the teeth. Wastes that are not cleaned, will eventually cause decay and bad breath. Gum problems may also cause halitosis.

Hence, ensuring the mouth clean is our responsibility at all times. Mouth not only help you chew food functions, but at the same time become home to hundreds of types of bacteria. Balance between the types of bacteria was always ensure that fresh mouth.

Please note, cause halitosis is not the same for each person. Examination with the dentist will ensure that the actual cause of your problem.

INFO: Signs your mouth smelling

* You often feel there is less odor or taste wine in the mouth
* Friend or around the mouth or close the eyes move when you talk
* There are friends that fiscal or candy to stretch your
* There calitan effects or yellow or white on your tongue.

There are several preventive measures that can be taken to overcome this problem. Often, polish teeth at least twice a day and floss your teeth every day act also helps eliminate mouth odor.

Other steps can be taken to reduce mouth odor problems:

1) Drink tea

Study finds chemicals in green tea and black tea known as ‘Polyphenols’ help stop the growth of bacteria responsible for halitosis problem.

2) Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water helps your mouth stay moist. In Chinese medical beliefs, halitosis due to excessive heat in the stomach. Water, soup or fruit such as cucumber help balance the body. While drinks such as coffee, milk, fried foods or spicy foods believed to only increase the problem. What kind of drink, especially water to help remove small food particles and excess mucus from the mouth. It also helps prevent dry mouth.

3) Use of herbal

Besides chewing chewing gum, chewing practices such as herbal mint, basil and rosemary can help reduce mouth odor.

4) Learn to control stress

Some people, especially young men have a regime of good oral hygiene, but many may not realize the pressure to increase production of mouth odor.

5) Stop smoking

Smoking not only make your mouth smell but also dry mouth.

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