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 Allamanda, or yellow bell, is a hardy climber with bright yellow prominent bell- shaped flowers. The climber is often trained onto trellises, arches or fences in private and public gardens. The smooth and shiny leaves are arranged opposite to each other.


* For colic or acute abdominal pain.
* As a good purgative which is stronger than a laxative.

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* It is suggested as an antidote for poisoning.


* The infusion of the leaves is recommended for acute abdominal pain. It also acts as a purgative.
* The bark in normal or small doses, in decoction, has a cathartic or hydrogogue, i.e., it helps in the evacuation of the bowels.


* The bark and leaves.


Normal Dosage For:

Adults: 4 or 5 cups a day.
Aged 6 to 9 years: 2 cups a day
Aged 2 to 5 years: 1 cup a day
1 to 2 years: 1/2 cup a day
Below 1 year: 1/4 or less cup a day

A Useful Table for Quick Measurements:
1 tbsp = 5 grams (green herb)
1 dessertspoon = 2 grams (dry herb)
1 teaspoon = 25 drops
1 cup = 16 tbsp

1 litre = 7 or 8 cups

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