Goat’s milk worse than cow’s milk


Here is an extract from an article issued by the PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE on January 10, 2006:

‘Americans no longer cowed by goat milk


Goat milk is different from cow milk in the concentration and forms of its nutrients. Compared to cow milk, goat milk contains 13 percent more calcium and more vitamins. It does not contain the major protein of cow milk to which many people, including babies, are allergic.  As a result, goat milk often agrees with sensitive or weak digestive systems. Many lactose-intolerant people are able to tolerate goat milk well. Cow milk-sensitive seniors in need of calcium often turn to goat milk because of its digestibility. As one grows older, sensitivity to cow milk tends to increase.’

In fact, goat milk is even worse for your health (and pocket) than cow’s milk for the following reasons:

  1. The higher concentration of calcium in goat’s milk serves to erode bone making cells, thus increasing the risk of osteoporosis.
  2. Goat’s milk contains 10% more galactose than cow’s milk.  Galactose, in this concentration is toxic to the human body and it causes serious disease including a greater risk of cataracts.
  3. Goat’s milk contains more calories and more saturated fat compared to regular cow’s milk.
  4. Goat’s milk contains about 10% more lactic acid than cow’s milk.  Lactic acid is bad for the digestion and it prevents the efficient assimilation of nutrients from the food you eat.
  5. Goat’s milk contains about 14% more casein than cow’s milk, a harmful sticky protein that clogs the respiratory system and coats your organs with a glue-like substance.  This makes goat’s milk more difficult to digest than cow’s milk.
  6. The nutritional content of Goat’s milk (vitamins and minerals) is indeed different to cow’s milk, but not sufficiently different to warrant consuming for this reason alone.  The main difference is that it contains about 47% more vitamin A compared to cow’s milk.  However, vitamin A is readily available from a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, and people generally are not lacking in this vitamin.
  7. Goat’s milk costs more than cow’s milk.

For more information about goat’s milk see The Milk Imperative.

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