Gluten in Medication

Use non-drug combination of drug companies to increase Celiac National Foundation is based. There are many non-active ingredients can be used by pharmaceutical companies, and some species can contain gluten. To check a particular drug is actually gluten-free and trouble – but in fact contains a number of pharmaceutical proteins is an inert material to determine the source of any drug, it is important to consider. To make matters worse, drugs, the general shape of the brand name drug, you can use different ingredients. This is a brand name, even if a gluten-free diet, determined by different manufacturers; you should also make sure to provide explanation of GM means.

The following inert ingredients that more research is needed to check the status of the drug to determine.

• Wheat

• Modified starch (source unknown)

• Alpha power (source unknown)

• Alpha or modified starch (source unknown)

• Index (source unknown)

• dextrin (source not specified, usually corn or potato starch)

• Dextrimaltose (If you use barley malt).

• Caramel color (if you use barley malt).

In 2004 food labeling of allergens consumption in the ingredients, the other common allergens such as wheat and Protection Act to identify treated food labels is important. However, similar provisions are not included in the label of the drug.

Medicine has the means to check whether they contain gluten:

The first contact with the company that produces medicines, ask your pharmacist.

Second Gluten free pharmacists for children’s hospitals in the country to hold public Web services the third book is designed to assist people by providing pharmacy medication with food or other information from people.

Because there is no FDA definition of gluten-free so far this explanation is open, and some manufacturers is 20 parts per billion, such as gluten-free products (PPM) is used to identify the threshold.

Gluten-free market will reach $ 5000000000 in 2012. American consumers in this type of game, the pharmaceutical manufacturers run on gluten-free, gluten, their products and series of programs to promote. In Perrigo Company, a leading provider of health care world in the development of self-medication (OTC) pharmaceutical and food products, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), the production of consumer goods and at least one distribution company, research has led to “gluten assurance program.” Gluten.

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