Ginseng Root as Herbal Medicine



Parts Used: root
Constituents: hormone-like saponins,(ginsenosides), volatile oil, sterols, starch, sugars, pectin, vitamins bl, b2 and b12, choline, fats, minerals

Ginseng is one the best known and widely prescribed herbs in Chinese medicine as a general adaptogenic and restorative tonic. Adaptogenic herbs such as ginseng are especially useful in debilitated persons suffering from exhaustion, fatigue, liver disease, stress and wasting from chronic disease.
It should not be taken during acute inflammatory disease or bronchitis since it can drive the disease deeper and make it worse. Moreover, in China, ginseng is rarely used on its own, but is usually combined with other herbs, such as licorice or Chinese dates, which temper its powerful nature.

Ginseng Side Effects: Do not use during pregnancy. Consult with a health professional before self treating if you have high blood pressure.

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