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 Plant of the family Zanzibari, who is originally from tropical plants, containing volatile oil, which has a pungent smell and taste savory. Frequently in the land of the East India and the Philippines, China, Sri Lanka and Mexico. 


Names and types of ginger: Ginger is my Elecampane – Shami Ginger – Ginger Persians – Persian Ginger – Ginger dogs – Ginger Indian, known for its user, is called Balkovv. The name Persian: I realize. And Balingelezi: ginger. And Frenchman: gingerbread


Scientific Name: Zingiben officinale.


The chemical constituents of Ginger: Ginger rhizomes contain a volatile oil by between 2.5-3% and the main compounds in this oil are: Zingiberene.Curcumene.beta-bisabolene.Neral.geranial.D-Camphor.beta phellandrine.Linallol.Alph-Franesenr.Zingeberol , also contains another group known as the Aryl alkanes and the most important compounds of these group Gingerols which contain a compound gingenol a compound that is attributable to taste the warm ginger, in addition to the Group of Shogaols that the most important vehicles Shogaol It is also an article lane also contains roots Gingerdiols as well as Diarythepfanoias also contains a large amount of starch.


User of ginger: roots, stems buried in the ground (Alrizumat).


Use of medical methods:

Used soaked before eating moderator of the stomach and the treatment of gout, as he chased and digester gas.

Ginger is used to expand the blood vessels, sweating and feeling of warmth and moderate temperatures, and the strengthening of sexual energy.

And used as a spice in food processing and give them distinctive taste.

In addition to the types of jams, sweets, and added to hot drinks Kshlb and cinnamon.

Addition of (5 10) points of ginger oil to 25 ml almond oil to treat rheumatism.

And add a point or two points of the oil on a piece of sugar or mix half a teaspoon of honey, and used for flatulence, menstrual cramps and nausea.


Ginger tea relieves headaches
A recent study that ginger may help relieve headache pain resulting from stress and the researchers explained that the effectiveness of ginger lies in its ability to reduce the production of vehicles (Broustagelandnez) causing pain in the body as well as being Rakhia to the nerves and muscles helps to relax and ease tension so it contributes to the pain relief headache light: “But mixed with chamomile and flower Zervon gives the drink a stronger and more effective at removing headaches and promote relaxation.

Ginger in the prophetic medicine
Abu Sa’eed said – may Allah be pleased with him: –

((King of the Romans gave to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him ginger jar, Votam everyone to pieces, and fed me a piece)).


Ibn al-Qayyim – may God have mercy on him: –

“Ginger specific digestion, laxative of the abdomen softening moderate, beneficial to hit the liver the bar for cold, humidity, and darkness, sight incident from moisture Kahla and Akthala, certain to have intercourse, an analyst for the winds of the large incident in the intestines and stomach, which is wholesale in favor of the liver and stomach)) .


Dr / Hassan and Heba in the book ((Egypt herbs and medical benefits))
 Ginger: Ginger is known, add crushed to drinks to strengthen the stomach and cause indigestion, the amount of half to one gram and is added to the vehicle’s iron improves the taste, and chew Aloboukr and rinse your mouth Btbejh, and Itagrger tags, and add to dye the teeth and it is to drink ginger tincture Ginger amount of 20 to 35 points as a medicine for stomach .


The nature of the medical ginger
Is it hot in the third dry at the end of the first and the humidity opens the Sudd and expels phlegm and materials rotten, and materials quenched (ie Muftrp debilitating), and solve the wind (ask), and strengthens the nerves, and strengthens the body’s immune system to activate the glands, and strengthening of hormones and blood, which is generally a tonic for Physiology Heater disinfectant paperboard. and contains ginger essential oils, resins (Gangrol) and hormonal substances, vitamins, carbohydrates and distinctive taste is due to the presence of ethylene Gangrol, and Alzengron. Ginger is considered one of the best natural medicines in the world. Ginger has been subjected to extensive research and therapeutic benefits due largely to its oil pilot resin has Acklinkip study on the effect of ginger on dizziness and rotation of the sea and vomiting in general. This study was conducted in a hospital ST. Bartholomew London in 1990 and found that ginger was more effective anti-emetic drugs built. In China, the experiments were carried out on patients who suffer from dysentery and found that 70% of patients who suffer from dysentery were cured ginger has also been studied as an antidote to the bacteria and fungi and Kmkhvv ulcer and pain, where the study was six studies and clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of ginger. There was another study on cholesterol and found that ginger reduces the rate of cholesterol in the blood. 

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Ginger in ancient medicine
David said in Antioch ((ticket)):
Ginger parsed for adequate Ajamieh Indian or Persian, the symptoms grew his papers on the ground and brushing his boughs minutes without back or waste Bdabol grows from the work of India, this is rough. Batsman black, (and none) Moundb, Oman and the parties to the trees, and this is the red and the mountains of the work of China, where a lot Oud White decade Alerspin acute lot of the people, called Paws and this is the best kind.


Ginger and a few stay down after two years Baltsoes strength and corrosion of excess humidity Fudaliyah and protect it from the pepper.

It is hot in the third last in the first dry or wet open Sudd and eradicate phlegm and Allzojat corrupt and moisture generated in the stomach for about watermelon Boukasith and solve the wind and the cold of the viscera and jaundice and the distillation of urine and waste and generate Iggsr.

  King said of his adopted Muzaffar Yusuf declared:
Ginger – “p” is circulating in the veins of the earth, and no trees and eaten fresh, eaten as dried herbs and uses, and should be chosen unless it was heavily corroded .. And the power of ginger heated particular in the digestion of food, Molina of the abdomen softening light good for the stomach, and the darkness of sight, and is located in the mixtures of drugs variant, and wholesale power almost the power of pepper at the end of the third degree, – wet in the first the first useful from Sudd the crossbar in the liver of the moisture and cold certain to have intercourse, an analyst with the wind a bludgeon in the stomach and intestines, plus in the semen in favor of the stomach and liver Albardtin increases in conservation, and demonstrate the moisture Nuay the head and throat, and the benefit of the poisons of vermin, and if my Lord honey taken some humidity Fudaliyah, and out of sputum, and again black kindness and easy do not Directed by the laxatives, and if mixing with moisture in the one of goat liver and dried, crushed and Akthal benefit from the mist and darkness, sight, and if chewing with Almcetky Untouched mucus of the brain a lot.


And ginger jam hot dry irritated intercourse and increases in the heat of the stomach and the body (streaky) and digested food and dry (dried) sputum, and benefit from the pyramid (aging) and sputum often on the body and instead of ginger: weight and half the weight of Elecampane “c” ginger-like pepper in the edition, but not him to amenities and displays his erosion of humidity Fudaliyah, which is hot at the end of the third degree dry in the second analyzes the bloating and increases in conservation and demonstrate the moisture of the throat and lethargic head and dark eye Kahla and drink, and benefit from cold liver, stomach, and dry (dried) to injury of the stomach and irritates can afford to, and benefit the toxic pesticides , and as much as taken from the two dirhams, and jam hot crusty benefit the kidneys, bladder, stomach, cold and generates the urine, which is good for fever in which the chill and cold. 


The words of Ibn Sina on Ginger:

Ginger (essence) said Deskoraydos: ((Ginger Fiqh small, such as the assets of Saad color to white and taste like the taste – pepper smell good, but has no amenities pepper, which is out of plant more than in the places called Trglod to Tqy, and used the people of that district and paper in the things Many also use We drink some drinks and in cooking. to be said: (acts and characteristics): temperature strong and heated only after the time for the moisture Fudaliyah but Iskhanh strong laxative analyzes blowing: If the Lord honey taken some humidity Fudaliyah and dries more members of the Cape ) increases in conservation and demonstrate the moisture from the aspects of the head and throat (members of the eye), and demonstrate the darkness of the eye of the moisture Kahla and drink (members of the food digested, and agree to refund the liver and stomach, and dried worse stomach and what is happening where the moisture from eating fruits (members of the Jerk), irritated can afford and unrelenting abdomen softening light.

Important notes before use:
Ginger weaken its effectiveness after two years; get caries because of the moisture and can be saved by placing it in black pepper. Should take into account the use of a new ginger and pungent smell that Bjamil and luster of color Almutar infrared light yellowish-rosy, and be free of sticks and a bug if Mtahona.

  Diseases dealt with ginger
To enhance memory and to save and not to forget:
Taken from the powdered ginger as much as 55 grams, and frankincense Aldkr (Alkndr) 50 grams, and black bean 50 grams mixed together and kneaded in kilograms of honey bees and taken him to a teaspoon per day on an empty stomach with pine nuts and raisins.
For the treatment of headache and migraine:
Knead powdered ginger as much as a teaspoon in a cup of olive oil and massage it a place of pain with drinking boiled with ginger, mint, cumin and a teaspoon of each tea.
For the treatment of night blindness:
Drink a cup Carrot Juice by half teaspoon ginger paste with the passage stylet ginger honey bees on the eyes before going to sleep.
Of dizziness and seasickness:
Tablets made from ginger plant from sugar and starch milled ratios 1:1: 3 and dried in the shade and emulsify disk when you feel dizzy or prior to travel (in the size of the disk Alkrzp).
To strengthen the review:
Aserdzr him drink a quarter teaspoon of ginger wash eyes Bmgli fennel am.
For the treatment of hoarseness and difficulty speaking:
Paint the throat paste, ginger, mint, olive oil, 1:1: 3 with the local anise drink boiled sugar plant or sucking candy.
To cleanse the throat and trachea:
The same way with the previous chewing parsley and drink teas Aldkr frankincense and honey.
To stress:
Soak the lavender flowers as much as a teaspoon in a half cup of water, died the evening to morning, and then filtered and sweetened with honey bees and add a quarter teaspoon of us ginger and drink when needed.
For insomnia and anxiety:
Hits cup hot milk by a quarter teaspoon of ginger with olive oil body fat and do not forget to read the Koran and the remembrance of Allah :{… not the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest}.
Sag of the mental: Drink a glass of boiled milk when a quarter teaspoon ginger and eaten after the raisins with the love of pine with whatever.
Delightful and refreshing: Drink boiled ginger with black bean and mint as much as a cup each inhalation Oseg jasmine or a juicy basil.
Machismo and to strengthen the body and disease control and avoid the weakness and lethargy:
What, if any stimulus for the body, such as local honey ginger, and the aa eat jam with honey and pistachios Galangal As David says in Antioch (ticket): “the great secret.”
How to make jam heroes:

Taken kilograms of honey bees and on the backburner tend Rgute, then add to these herbs, the ground: 25 gm Ginger – 25 on Round – 25 grams cumin – ground thyme 10 grams – 25 on Hnsnj – 15 grams Bahman – H 2 fennel.

Then cook sweets (jam) and take him a spoon to eat after all.

For the whites of the eye and means:

Knead ginger as much as a quarter teaspoon of honey in the spoon a small amount., And packaged in dropper eyes and before going to sleep that drips from the eyes.

Ginger hits as much as a quarter teaspoon with half a grain of flour hanging from the pond after Glehma well in as much as half a cup of water, then sweetened with sugar with fat ginger oil, place headaches.

Knead of powdered ginger as much as a teaspoon with a cup of ashes of coal and heal as much as this place of pain with drink ginger tea with mint.

 For the treatment of cough and expel phlegm:

Taken from the ginger as much as 50 grams, and frankincense Aldkr ground 50 grams, and Iejnan in honey cane as much as 500 grams, and a teaspoon taken after each eat.

To cleanse the stomach and strengthen:
Taken from 25 grams ginger, and caraway, crushed 25 g and 25 g ground thyme, mint and crushed 25 grams and in kilograms of honey bees kneaded and taken a teaspoon of it before eating.

Nervous system of the colon:
Combine ginger as much as 50 grams with 50 grams ground cumin half a cup of water by the teaspoon of vinegar and drink it when feeling pain.

Laxative to treat constipation:
A cup of cold milk add a quarter teaspoon of the drink when you feel constipated.

To warm the body and resistance to diseases of winter:
Ginger drink milk or drink with cinnamon with a little sesame local sugar or honey.

To cold:
Ginger drink after boiled and sweeten with sugar distillation Nigella sativa in the nose and throat with the inhalation of lemon juice.

Catarrh of the Republic:
Ginger drink with a local honey bees chewing half a teaspoon of cumin morning and evening.

For shortness of breath and asthma:

To chew and swallow that D├ęcor Asarth, and then drink the boiled ginger with the ring and gravel in the morning and evening.

To lighten the hit kidney and liver:
This compound is made from ginger as much as 25 g bay leaf (Allaor) 35 grams and grinding, and cumin and grind 50 grams, and kilograms of honey bees and cooking that is taken from the teaspoon to eat after all.

To prevent thirst and the reform of aqueous (Alofaragp):

Eaten cooked with ginger fish condiment with a latency and drink the beverage refrigerated roses and soak it a little ginger in water and sweetened with sugar.

The weakness of the liver and laziness:
Combine ground ginger in honey cane with tahini and eaten at breakfast and dinner daily with a poultice on the right side of the cone of mint green evening to morning.

To insect stings:

Take a teaspoon of powdered ginger and chew until the dough becomes then placed on the place of the sting.

The stiffness of the joints and paragraphs:
Taken as much as a cup of ground ginger, and Alohq (Alkk gum – gum Trtot – Ezag of gold) as much as a cup and Iejnan together and heal them on the place of sclerosis of the evening for the morning.

The darkness of vision, blurred vision:
Goat liver taken immediately after slaughter and placed them ginger and leave for a quarter of an hour, and then scraped and dried ginger to dry completely and Iekhal it daily until the eye is healing, God willing.

To strengthen the heart and stimulate blood circulation and dissolve cholesterol:
Taken from the ground ginger 25 grams, and love of Al-Rashad, 25 and 25 g star anise, and cumin 25 g milled everyone and knead in the honey as much as half a kilo and taken a spoon to eat after all.

To strengthen the muscles and nerves:

Make a compound of herbs following a ground: ginger – Dara Chinese – Rwanda – fennel – Bahman – mint – sow celery out of every 10 grams, knead it all gathered in honey Loose foam as much as Kilo and cook until Kalmrby, and packaged in a jar glass and taken a teaspoon After all eat.

For the treatment of nervous tension:
Taken basin filled with warm water where he received a teaspoon of ginger with a cup of orange blossom water or rose water and the volatility of this well, then your feet, even a third leg and Tstlq on your back and you are laid-back body and Engage your tongue the remembrance of Allah and you will see the wonder of calm and comfort, God willing.

 For the treatment of fatigue:

Drink a cup of boiled ginger tea (as much as half a teaspoon of ginger in a cup of hot water, a local bee honey or sugar and then rub the whole body of olive oil mixed with a capacity of larger than with vinegar Shake well before use.

Of strength and vitality and reproductive activity:
Take half a pound cow or buffalo milk and bring to a half teaspoon of ginger and sweetened with honey or sugar and drink morning and night for a month and you’ll see!

Ginger paste composite strengthening can afford:

Taken 50 grams ginger, 55 grams of crushed seed Islands and 50 grams of ground celery seed and forget the 50 grams and 50 grams of crushed seed crushed arugula mix well in kilograms of honey bees, and take a teaspoon after lunch every day.

He urged the activity of the reproductive energy:
Take half a teaspoon (approximately) and the volatility of ginger in a cup of milk and heated, then filtered and sweetened with honey bees and drink when you need preferably after dinner.

For the treatment of yellowish face:
Take a teaspoon of ginger and boil in milk, and then shown honey bees and drink morning and night with the fat face olive oil before going to sleep.

Cardboard for the heart:

Make a paste made of honey bees as much as a kilo cooked ginger as much as 50 grams with as much as 25 grams cloves, mint and crushed

25 grams, and 10 grams Albhemen ground and stir until well hold sweets, and packaged in a jar, and taken him to spoon after each meal, taking into account to avoid grease and hard work and nervousness.

To warm the body:
Mix a teaspoon of ginger in a cup of honey bees and placed in the bread and eaten shared and split (sandwich) for breakfast or when you feel cold.

Drink a cup of milk by the half teaspoon ginger domestic honey bees, morning and evening with Nigella sativa oil distillation (Ksaut) in the nose.

For colds:
Drink orange juice by a quarter teaspoon of ginger with a massage the chest and back before going to sleep Nigella sativa oil.

Creamier and drink ginger paste with honey by 1: 3 and before sleep with boiled drinking fennel tea.

For Sciatica:

Drink boiled ginger a day as much as a cup add the cumin 7 drops with the heel firmly massage cream, ginger, olive oil before going to sleep.

Of gout:
The same recipe with the previous drink Shawash corn and fennel ginger boiled on an empty stomach and drinking lemonade with a massage place a lot of pain cream, ginger, olive oil before going to sleep.


Paste the wisdom and strength

Toothpaste strengthens the body, handles Oblivion, open the gifted brain, and rejoices the soul and Inashha.

100 grams ginger +100 g crushed peanuts +50 grams ground Julngan +50 grams ground black seeds + honey bee.

Cooked honey over low heat and tend Rgute, then add the things the former and the volatility of a good complexity even sweets, and packaged in glass jars, and eaten from a spoon after breakfast, after dinner and one teaspoon a day and you will see, God willing, “How wonderful.

For the treatment of pressure:
To adjust the pressure drop or increase local drink ginger boiled honey bees morning after breakfast, and in the evening swallow garlic cloves, a glass of milk section.

To lighten the hit of the brain and purification of the brain:
Chewed gum Aldkr Almcetky with ginger and morning and evening daily distillation Murr (over with olive oil mixed and filtered) Sauta in the nose drop in each hole only once a day.

To expand the blood vessels:

Jam made with ginger mustard seed of every 25 grams Mtahona in half a kilo of honey bees and take a teaspoon after dinner every day with body fat olive oil.

For colic resulting from diarrhea:
Take half a teaspoon of ginger and mix in a cup of boiled grain of the pond, and then filtered and shown and drink.

To treat weakness, fatigue and fatigue:

Put a cup of ginger on the basin of lukewarm water and leave for ten minutes, then put your feet until the middle of the leg and relax completely and you are sitting on a low stool or a bed for a quarter of an hour, then wash your feet in water, then-dry.

Taken ounces ounces ginger with ground fennel and a half ounces of Shawash corn, taken from the teaspoon in a cup of hot water and cover and simmer for five minutes, then filtered and sweetened and hits the morning and evening.
Hardened the heart of refreshing:

Drink tea or mixed in milk and drink Iomiha on an empty stomach.

To open the appetite for food:

Quarter of an hour before food: Mix half a teaspoon of ginger in a cup of water and drink it as much as what you can yourself without sugar.

For the treatment of indigestion:
Make jam, ginger mint and cook it half a kilo of honey and disarmament Rgute, then add ginger 50 grams and 25 grams of crushed mint and a teaspoon taken after each eat.

Of jaundice:

Taken from the sow Alst 25 grams and 25 grams ginger and plant Alshres (Alemrar), a dryer Kalnanaa as much as 55 grams and grind well and kneaded in kilograms of honey bees, and a teaspoon taken after each eat with a teaspoon castor drink before going to sleep.

For inaction and weakness:
Put your feet in hot water bath in which molten ginger as much as a large spoon with oil, henna body fat (Hanna mixed in olive oil with a cup of boiled milk in which half a teaspoon of ginger.

Chewed a lemon Tree Lime Bakecrha and swallow and drink the ginger then multiplied by the honey in ice-cold water as much as a cup in the morning and evening with swallowing clove chopped garlic before bedtime glass of milk.


Compound in which the secret of youth

25 g Ginger – 25 grams of borage (Girls) – 25 gm white pepper – 25 grams forget – 100 gm Almonds – 100 grams nuts – 50 grams pistachio nuts – 25 gm Coconut grated (fine) – 25 grams pine nuts – 10 gm Pepper – 10 grams of grain, green grinding all and knead in honey Loose foam: in the course of boiling tend Rgute (Rimith) and packaged in a jar glass, taken from a teaspoon after breakfast and after dinner with caution from the use of this compound for the young and single. ended the book of Abu Fida Muhammad Muhammad Izzat Aref.



The researchers stressed in a new report published in the journal “Current Opinion in Rheumatology Science” that certain forms of complementary and alternative medicine may help ease the pain associated with arthritis and skeletal muscle fibrosis.


Another experiment showed that ginger, and whose scientific name “Zanzibar Oovicainali”, reduced the pain of the knee and hips better than conventional treatment, but was not effective painkiller, “ibuprofen”.


The research revealed that the formula for therapeutic Indian “Ayurvedic” plants that contain “Acawajandha” and “Frankencnc”, ginger, turmeric, reduced swelling of the joints in people with rheumatoid arthritis.


And addresses the ginger swollen stomach and disorders, poor digestion and diarrhea caused by bacterial infection, in addition to that, expectorant if used on an empty stomach with honey, oil, cumin, and calming the itching and general tonic for the body and the body and increases the capacity of concentration and anti-fatigue, as it is tonic to the immune system of the body, and conducted research it is now for use in the treatment of HIV (AIDS), as it is an aphrodisiac and addresses a disease of premature ejaculation when used with milk each day on an empty stomach.

Also uses ginger topically in the treatment of some rheumatic diseases, arthritis and pain relief resulting from that, and its ability to increase the flow of blood flow in the affected area, leading to local anesthesia in this place, and thus relieve pain, and boiled ginger has the advantage of wonderful in reducing cholesterol in the blood if you drink a day with cloves garlic (more interest) or alone, but warns against the use of ginger boiled in the first months of pregnancy or in cases of ulcer of the stomach and duodenum.


According to Al-Riyadh
Purpose Znaguibl:
Ginger is used widely and is regarded as more food and pharmaceuticals and is the most popular spices, his fame began to grow as medical use in treatment of many diseases and have the use of internal and external.

Internal use: Use boiled ginger local honey for colds, coughs and expel flatus and analgesia Amosy by taking full teaspoon of ginger powder and add it to fill the cup of boiling water and let the mixture soak for 15 minutes, then add the filling tablespoon honey great and blends well and drink at a cup in the morning and another at bedtime .
– Using the chewy ginger to stimulate blood circulation and the situations of poor digestion.
– Using the average fill of boiled ginger teaspoon added to fill the cup of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes and then drink a cup at a rate three times a day to alert the stomach, heart and blood circulation and against the stress of tendons of the sound.
– Ginger is used to fill a teaspoon at a rate added to fill the cup of boiling water and stir well and drink it hot to stimulate secretion of saliva and phlegm, sweating removes the body.
– Using rivets (capsules) Ginger in the rate of supplementary food stores capsules (200 mg) before travel in the cruise or air to those who suffer from sea sickness or vomiting in the plane. Also used one capsule with a maximum for the treatment of morning sickness in pregnant women.
– Use Znaguibl mixed with anise cases of satiety, nausea and excess phlegm.
– Enter the ginger in the work of Arabic coffee, especially in rural areas also included in many of the nannies and cooks, pastry and biscuits and other Alklijp.
– Ginger is used as a drink popular in the winter time as it Idwie body and Inashh and animated.
– Enter the ginger-producing drugs with menstruation is also used as a booster for Abap.

Uses of Foreign Affairs: – Uses ginger gargling three times to the nose and throat infections.
– Ginger Nhawka used in small quantities to attract the sneezing.
– Used in the preparation of skin ointments.

Existing formulations of ginger in the market:
There are dried ginger, ginger, paddy and milled in the form of powder and cut flat and soft and fresh ginger in the grocery store and there are some ginger oil and pharmaceutical capsules and tablets of ginger in food stores supplements in pharmacies.

Are there any caveats from the use of ginger?

Yes, the ginger is collateral damage it causes heart palpitations and fall of the central nervous system and in the case of use of large doses of ginger.

Ginger Is there any conflict with other herbs or any supplementary food?
Contrary ginger with herbs anti-clotting and anti-break Platelet and most important of those herbs chamomile, red pepper, Ferula, lettuce, cloves, fenugreek, grass fever, garlic, ginkgo, ginseng and Abu scalp and licorice, parsley, onion and it should not use ginger with any of these herbs which can be caused bleeding.

Ginger Is there any conflict with any diseases?
Yes, People with gallbladder disease should not use ginger. It also should not use large doses of it in cases of diabetes as it lowers blood sugar. And must not be used with heart disease, which causes flickering in cases of overdose.

Ginger disease interferes with high pressure, low and high doses it causes stress and lack of discipline must also people with high or low pressure non-use of high doses of ginger.

What is the upper limit of ginger, which can be eaten per day?
The upper limit is 4 grams spread over several doses per day and the dose ranging from 0.5 grams to one gram and should not be exceeded this limit 


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