Getting Rid of a Cold Using Home Remedies

The common cold is a major concern for people from all over the world and hence the need to look at different kinds of cold remedies. The average person will get between 2 and 4 colds in a year. It can also manifest together with a cough which with time can cause chest pains and a general discomfort. There are a number of remedies including medications, over-the-counter pills and medications. Most people prefer natural remedies to avoid the side effects of medications.
The most common signs of a cold include but not limited to runny nose, nasal congestion, mild or strong head ache, sneezing, coughing, fever watery eyes, and congestion. You should note that a good diet is vital to support the remedies.
Below are some of the proven cold remedies:
Zinc lozenges
Zinc is a vital mineral needed by over 300 body enzymes. It’s abundant in foods like seafood, eggs, liver, and meat. Zinc can be gotten as lozenges in health shops. Research has indicated a high efficiency among those who took zinc 24 hrs after initial signs of the cold. It also impairs the ability of the virus to multiply.
Vitamin D
Of all people, those found with higher vitamin D levels are less susceptible to catching the cold. Apart from that, it’s a common ingredient among remedies for colds.
A traditional Chinese root, astralagus has been proven to increase immunity to contracting colds and flu. It doubles up as an anti viral and anti oxidant that will provide relief to those with heart conditions. Health stores stock it in capsule and tea form. It also prevents colds before they occur. It also increases efficacy of other medication
Popular home cure for a wide range of issues. It can be taken in soup, chewed or made as garlic juice. Its compound allicin has antiviral and fungal properties. Potency is at a maximum when the garlic is raw and fresh.
Vitamin C
It’s a very popular cold remedy. It also protects from colds and ensures severity; occurrence and duration of colds are reduced dramatically. It should however be used in moderation as large amounts can cause diarrhea.
Probably the most used across various cultures around the world. Research has shown it reduces coughs among kids significantly and assists them to sleep well. It carries anti oxidant and antiseptic properties. It may however be unsafe in kids younger than a year old.
It’s a very popular herb touted by herbalists as having the ability to cure and prevent colds. The suggested dosage is taking after every 3 hours for several days to alleviate all the symptoms.
There is a variety of ginseng for sale but the North American type has gotten a good reputation when it comes to healing and preventing colds. It has been noted that it could reduce the effect of medications like blood thinners, anti-psychotics and diabetes medications. People with hormone related conditions are advised to steer clear of Ginseng
Its one of the most popular remedies for colds throughout the world. It treats runny noses, coughs, white tongue aches and general body aches. It can be brewed into a tea which is a popular cold management home remedy. You can add honey and lemon to soothe the throat. some people report disturbances like heartburn when used excessively so practice some moderation.
Elder berry
It has a long history in treating flu, colds and sinus infections. Its extracts have indicated ability to fight viruses. Its compounds strengthen the immune system while blocking flu infection at the same time. It is distributed as juice capsules or a syrup.
Eucalyptus steam inhale
Eucalyptus oil in boiling water provides steam that can help calm flu and cold symptoms. Cover your head with the steam under a blanket to reap the full benefits.
Boil a glass of water and put in a fresh lemon. Lemon contains medicinal qualities and it can help you to get rid of cold.
Other remedies like the legendary chicken soup and broth have proven to have good levels of success in combating colds. You should be sure before you attempt any of the above of their compatibility with any drugs you are taking to avoid conflicts and side effects. The best thing would be to consult your doctor so he/she can advice you on the best remedy. You can use one or several of the above cold remedies for best results.
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