Get Back Pain Relief with the Best Home Remedies


You absolutely hate it when you feel that dull, aching or stabbing pain in your back. In most cases, people simply take a painkiller when they feel these symptoms. Still, it has been proven that only the strongest oral medications can have some beneficial effect, which is short lasting. You can readily use some natural home remedies for back pain instead. All of them are topical, so you can apply them directly on the spot to get fast and effective relief.

Using medical grade alcohol, available in the drugstores, to treat the painful area is more than beneficial. This substance is usually diluted ethanol and it perfectly safe when applied topically. You need to dip a cotton ball into the alcohol and rub the substance into the skin over the aching spot. Use gentle massaging movements at first and increase the intensity gradually.

You will feel an almost immediate relief. The alcohol warms the spot by attracting a greater blood flow to it, so you get to feel better straight away. In addition, this aids for the complete healing of the back pain. Repeat the treatment two to four times a day for as long as necessary. If you do not have a medical grade alcohol around and the pain is really strong, you can readily use any high alcohol drink that you have in your home.

Topically applied garlic is also an effective backache home remedy. You can make a paste by crushing a handful of with a mortar and pestle. Alternatively, you can fry the cloves in around five ounces of oil. Rubbing the paste or oil into the skin of the aching area will produce quick and lasting relief. Treat the painful spot with such a remedy no more than five times a day.

Applying a large piece of raw potato on the aching spot will also produce the desired results. You can also grind the raw potato and put the grinds into a thin cloth to make a compress. This home remedy is extremely simple. It has been used for centuries and has been proven to work. The chemical compounds in the raw potato will penetrate through the skin and make you feel better.

Eucalyptus oil is another super home remedy for back pain. Massaging it into the affected area provides quick relief. Your muscles will also become more relaxed. Eucalyptus is also known for its anti-stress and healing properties, so you will feel better overall and the treatment will be enhanced.

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