Genetic Averages : Standing Out From The Crowd Makes You Beautiful


Facial Trends for the 21st Century – A Global, Multi-Ethnic Look

The website has a very interesting page that shows the different attributes of Asian and Caucasian faces. They have identified over 30 characteristics that differ from these two faces, as a guide for patients interested in plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery.

asian european face blend
A comparison of the differences of East Asian and Caucasian features

Asian women will tell you that they desire nothing more than the wide-eyed beauty and defined noses of Causasian women, whereas Caucasian women tend to find oriental eyes exotic and the golden skin of middle-eastern races to be interesting.

Among all races on earth, we find that there are certain characteristics that members of an ethnic group share. Being beautiful, however, entains being different, and standing out from the crowd, so a person who does not fit the normal range of looks (within their ethnic group) will be considered beautiful.

Examining the Miss Universe beauty pageant will show you that the winners tend to be those who are not ethnic specific, but look almost race-less, as if they could be of any racial group at all. This also explains why competitors from the Latin American nations, where racial integration is very common, are always competition favourites. Miss World 2011, Ivian Sarcos from Venezuela, is a good example of the mestizo (mixed race) demographic, which makes up 68% of the population, and comprises a mix of white, black and Indian ethnicities.

Miss Universe 2011 – Leila Lopes (Angola)

Ivian Sarcos
Miss World 2011 Ivian Sarcos from Venezuela 

These models and actresses also demonstrate how people of mixed parentage tend to be viewed as more beautiful, since they tend to exhibit characteristics of different races that are aesthetically pleasing. People of mixed parentage also tend to avoid many of the racially-linked genetic diseases and are generally considered to be healthier and therefore more attractive as mates.

DevonAoki Aussenard 13864698
Devon Aoki, American Model and Actress
Japanese-German-English parentage
Keanu Reeves keanu reeves 9231633 1280 1024
Keanu Reeves, Canadian Actor
Irish-Portuguese-Chinese-English parentage

Kristin Kreuk, American Actress
Dutch-Chinese Parentage
adriana lima main
Adriana Lima, International Model
Swiss-African-Japanese-American Indian Parentage
Maggie Q, Hong Kong Celebrity
Vietnamese-Polish-Irish Parentage

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