Garlic a cure in your kitchen


Garlic has earned for itself a prolific reputation due to is smell. Due this unforgettable aroma, garlic have comes with the variety of names such as Poor Man’s Treacle, Fruit of Love, Devil’s Posey, Poor Man’s Camphor, Devil’s Roses, Lucifer’s Tulip, Hell’s Passion Flower, Dragon’s Perfume and many others names.

Beside the unfavorable names of garlic, garlic have play a major role in ancient and modern medicine. There a lot of diseases can be cure by garlic. The curing effect can be achieved by consuming garlic in everyday life. These is the way herbal medicine work. It’s more emphasize on daily intake. Some people don’t like to eat garlic in their meal because of it strong aroma. But with the modern technology they have come various food supplement of garlic such as garlic pill, garlic capsule, garlic powder and many other products.

So what type of diseases that can be cured by garlic. Garlic is been used to cure such Arthritis, Flu, Aging,Burns, Warts, Cancer and Aids, Blood Clots, Common Cold, Fungus, Diabetes and many other alignment. How it works ?. Garlic contains allicin is belief to have the antibiotic and antifungal properties that help in curing the dieases.

Therefore why not giving a garlic a chance to cure your diseases.

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