Various kinds of fruit to an abortion – In general the food is worth dipantangi or kind of fruit that an abortion could include the following

  • Fruits are less mature or young fruit
  • Fruits that contain alcohol
  • Fruits that are hot like pineapple, king fruit

Pineapple fruit young for abortion

Pineapple cause miscarriage – In medicine no one can explain that pineapple can be an abortion, but you should be cautious when eating pineapple fruit pineapple fruit especially the young, avoid for young pregnant women, because the myth of young pineapple fruit was able to abort content of your baby.

Side Effects of pineapple
Indeed, Side Effects of pineapple fruit for pregnant women potentially abortivum or a drug that can be used to launch a late period. Therefore pregnant women are prohibited to consume young pineapple.

Papaya fruit young for abortion
From various experiences, mostly eating papaya leaves can also trigger the fragility ari ari baby. It should also be avoided for pregnant women, so the cravings for pregnant women to eat papaya, better avoided, and papaya is not recommended for pregnant women because it is a uterine stimulant.

especially for young Papaya Fruit is useful to carry breast milk, but Young Papaya is dangerous for pregnant women, because papaya is half cooked or raw can an abortion in pregnant women. Effects of raw papaya is processed into contraception, for pregnant women should avoid eating papaya.

Durian fruit for abortion

Durian fruit in it contained two substances at certain levels to give effect to the pregnancy. Two of these substances are alcohol and acid arachidonat. As you know, alcohol can lead to impaired growth and development for the fetus. One is a low birth weight.

While arachidonat acid is a compound that is a precursor alias trigger the formation of prostaglandins. Prostaglandin itself is a compound that can stimulate uterine contractions resulting in miscarriage (the first trimester) or premature birth (at under 36 weeks gestation)

Durian fruit is also a danger to pregnant women who have impaired ulcer disease hazard when consumed fruit Durian, this is because the durian fruit can produce gas in the human stomach. In pregnant women who have ulcer disease, it sometimes can cause bloating and nausea. Because heartburn suffered so relapse.

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