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Obesity is the global disease. It has affected people from all over the world, from rich nations like America to poor nations like India. People try to burn up calories with aerobics, walking or running a lot, using a lot of exercise equipments and taking to powders and pills which promote quick weight loss. More serious weight losers follow low-fat diet and hit the gym to get that fit and toned look. But in spite of this, those excess pounds seem to love your body and refuse to divorce it. In that case, following these simple tips will help you top stay fighting fit:

Eat plenty of beans: You will lose more weight faster if you include plenty of beans in your diet. Also the weight loss will be faster. You will lose more weight faster if you include plenty of beans in your diet. Also the weight loss will be faster. Beans are low in fat and calories and give you the filling of fullness for up to four hours more. The more full you feel, the less you are likely to eat.

Drink more water: Water is an effective weight loss tool and if you drink more water, you tend to lose more weight. Whenever you feel hungry, have a glass of water to take the edge of the food cravings, which are actually the signals given by the body for more fluid. Having a glass of water before meals will actually allow you to eat less.

Schedule your exercises around meals: Have a light exercise after you eat, as your body tends to burn double the calories. A moderate workout like walking just after a meal will burn calories from the food just consumed instead of storing them. Though the process of digestion does burn some calories, adding some mild exercise will increase the calorie consumption.

Go for weight training: Traditional exercise programs have stressed on the aerobic workouts. But new research indicates that more muscle you have, higher will be your metabolic rate. Extra muscles raise your metabolic rate even at rest. When you do strength training for over a period of 2 to 3 months, you put on about three pounds of muscles. This additional muscle helps you in burning extra 250 calories when you are just idling away.

Have a large breakfast: Breakfast should be your largest meal. Try to consume the maximum calories in this meal. You burn calories faster and entirely within one hour after getting up than any other time of the day. The best dieting strategy is to eat the biggest meal of the day before 9:00 am everyday.

Do not eat too little: Many professional diets advocate eating less than 1000 calories a day. But experts say that normal weight women need at least 1200 calories a day while for men the number goes to 1500 calories a day. These calories are necessary for good health. Very low-calorie diets rarely work. People on these diets are in the starvation mode and their bodies tend to store the calories in anticipation of starvation. Your metabolism goes down and you sabotage your weight loss plans.

Listen to classical music while dining: Listening to classical or any other soft music leads to more chews in a minute. Those who eat fast, get hungry very soon after eating. If you take longer to complete your meals, you ten to feel fuller for a longer time. Also, it is easy for you to digest the food when you eat slowly. But avoid any upbeat music like rock and heavy metal as they make you eat fast.

Divert your attention: Those people, who think they need food, actually are looking out for some other diversion. They want pleasure, solace, comfort or relief from boredom. Food is just the one of the many number of pleasures that is available. Instead you can take other pleasures like enjoying hot bath, calling a friend, getting a pedicure or going on a vacation.

Change your tablecloth: Choosing the right hues tend to help weight loss. It influences the process of eating a lot in people who are overweight than those who want to gain weight. Choose dark-green, dark-blue or coffee-brown to suppress your appetite. You can also paint your kitchen with these hues. Shades of orange, red and yellow on the other hand tend to stimulate the appetite.

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