Frequent Causes of Abdominal Pain


For those of you who often experience abdominal pain must be very miserable, and often the cause of abdominal pain is sometimes very difficult for us to find. As I often experienced, sometimes if another job suddenly stomach pain without obvious cause.

Especially if you come home late, surely stomach knotted and like prop. There used to see a doctor, he said I was stricken with stomach ulcers. But in fact I’ve been taking a lot of heartburn drug was still too sore recurrence.

Apparently after I watched, I suffered stomach pains have to do with the type of food I eat and my stomach as being very sensitive to certain foods. Indeed, sometimes the cause of abdominal pain can be due to trivial things that we do not notice.

Frequent Causes of Abdominal Pain

But make no mistake, because if you are getting sick stomach then all the work can be interrupted, especially abdominal pain that causes diarrhea, the guarantee MODAR tired of going forth to the toilet. And after I consult a specialist in internal medicine, he said that the frequent recurrence of abdominal pain is not necessarily caused by the ulcer disease.

Most abdominal pain is caused due to the coating on the walls of the stomach and small intestine is reduced, so that the stomach becomes very sensitive to certain foods such as tamarind, coconut milk, spicy, and foods with high oil content.

And I-were given tips on alternatives to treat recurrent abdominal pain that often is by drinking a solution of corn starch with water. How to make it very simple, have a glass of warm water, then add three tablespoons of corn starch. If you want to taste, sugar may be added to Java or salt, then drink the solution.

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