Apparently the face with acne can be cured simply by eating certain foods. Yes, food for acne face very easily obtained. However, many people do not know what foods to face a potent acne and nice.

Examples of foods to face breakouts is described below. To further maximize, of course, such as nutrients from the foods below and also external factors that special treatment for acne face should be done routinely. Here’s a list of some foods to advance breakouts:

1. Green tea
Nice addition to drink, green tea also contains catechins. Katein useful for hazard mengurasi effects of free radicals in the body. In addition, katein also useful to overcome the problem of acne and signs of aging.

2. Olive oil
Olive oil contains many essential fatty acids, fatty acid which is required by the skin. The content in olive oil is useful to nourish the skin and eliminate acne. In order for maximum results, can be mixed with olive Minya vegetables.

3. Cucumber
Cucumbers are vegetables with a high water content. From the first reliably good for skin health. Especially skin that has problems with acne. The water contained in the cucumber, useful to get rid of toxins that clog pores. In addition, the cucumber has a very soothing effect astringent skin. So effective in relieving redness and irritation of the pimple.

4. Oyster
Oysters are known as food supplement gairak sex. However, besides that there are other benefits. Namely as acne removal, because the content of zinc in oysters. Zinc is useful as an absorbent vitamin A in the body and control the acne-producing hormones. The oysters were served to cure acne is the oyster that has been boiled.

The food above is food for face acne. When consumed regularly and routinely, the acne on the face will disappear naturally.

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