Fire smallpox drug

Fire smallpox drug – Disease monkey pox or measles fire is a skin disease that in medicine known as Impetigo, Impetigo Disease there are 2 kinds of

  • Impetigo krustosa called smallpox honey (in some areas)
  • Krustosa impetigo or chickenpox fire / monkey pox

Differences chickenpox and measles fire

The second kind of this type (Honey and Fire) is not the same as chicken pox because chicken pox is caused by a virus, Smallpox honey is a disorder that occurs around the nose and mouth, measles fire / monkey pox cause is a bacterium, Staphylococcus precisely

Symptoms of measles fire and characteristic features of smallpox honey

  • experiencing skin redness and blisters that rapidly break down, to leave the scab (dead skin) is thick like honey yellow color.
  • When the scab is removed, abrasions visible underneath. While smallpox fire often occurs in the armpits, chest, and back.
  • His appearance is redness in the skin and bubbles (similar non kesundut skin – perhaps this is why so called smallpox fire).
  • Bubbles in the skin containing pus fragile.
  • Smallpox is highly contagious fire and move from one section to another section of skin.
  • If it occurs in newborns, the infection can spread throughout the body via the bloodstream.
  • This disease can be accompanied by fever and cause serious infections.
  • Due to different causes, treatment is also different.
  • trace if to burst, but the heavier chicken pox scars

Symptoms of measles fire / monkey pox and characteristic features of fire / monkey pox

  • Usually attacks the body in the chest, back, or armpit
  • Initial symptoms are not accompanied by fever, rash only, often accompanied by prickly heat
  • Then burst bubbles appear, then appear as scars cigarette tersundut
  • Appears sense gatel
  • Difficult to dry

Smallpox drug fire – how to treat smallpox fire

Immediately taken to the doctor to get treatment, to the advice of the doctors usually prescribe antibiotic ointment Bactroban ointment and patents, to light a fire with chickenpox usually takes up to three days to dry and then the wound healed

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