Fibroids: What The Medical Community Isn’t Telling You


FibroidUterusRGBFibroids are a really common disorder amongst women today. At least 40 percent of women have them. They are nothing more than benign tumors that occur in the uterus that cause a host of problems including heavy menstruation, painful sexual intercourse, and urinary frequency and urgency, and infertility. They are the common reason why women undergo hysterectomies in this country. 600,000 hysterectomies occur in this country annually which means fibroids are definitely a hidden epidemic amongst women today. Of course, the medical community states that they do not know why they occur. The truth is that the medical community does know why they are occurring but they are not telling you. Fibroids are caused by ESTROGEN! Estrogen is a powerful growth hormone that in excess leads to excess cellular growth or tumors (cancerous and benign). Women today are being exposed to an alarming amounts of estrogens through substances such birth control pills and HRT drugs. Many of these chemical, dangerous estrogens are found in food and conditions such as obesity, which affects the majority of women today, further exacerbates the issue by dramatically increasing estrogen levels.

So to cure fibroids, what must you do? Lower your estrogen levels. This is a holistic process that entails you eliminating all chemical estrogens and changing your diet and lifestyle. Once you do this and take some natural remedies outlined in my phenomenal e-book, A Woman’s Guide to Herbs, than you will be fibroid-free in a matter of months! Fibroids can also be cured in three weeks by using the Emotional Freedom Technique. The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a miraculous thousand years old technique that has delivered remarkable health results to millions and that is why I use it with people because it is so effective! It cures many diseases in minutes! By using this technique correctly, you can be fibroid-free in a matter of weeks. I am one of the best EFT practitioners out there and I can definitely get you the results you are looking for to relieve your fibroids. You can have a free session with me to learn more about my EFT services, by sending me an email at [email protected]. You can also schedule a holistic health/EFT session with me by clicking here.

My e-book, A Woman’s Guide to Herbs also provides you with information on the natural remedies you need so you can relieve yourself of this common and debilitating condition. Get your copy today by clicking here


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