Fatty foods Accelerate Brain Cell Growth


Citing Dailymail reports, researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston in an interview with Science Now declare fatty foods not only can accumulate fat in the body, but also enhance the growth of brain cells.

They have been proved by testing with a mouse. The animals were fed cheeseburgers, cake pieces, until creamer.

As a result, the body weight of the mice was gradually increased along with the growth of cells in the brain. Cells is what prompted the mice to keep eating, despite recently being given food or the condition has not been hungry.

Endocrinologist Jeffrey Flier said the growth of brain cells does not necessarily make the mouse become “smart”. They just tend to be lazy.

“This could be a clue to determine what factors are associated with obesity or being overweight,” said Flier.

He explained, fatty foods before trigger nerve cells to grow in a small part of the brain called the media or eminence.

Brain in mice that ate a high-fat diet was also producing more cells in the median eminence.

In addition to the body weight of the mice problem is growing, there is a common thread of researchers found the brain cells of mice and humans.

Flier said no type of brain cell called tancyte that is in the brains of mice and humans. However, he claimed not to know exactly what this mysterious cell association with obesity.

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