Factors of cholesterol disease causes and symptoms

cholesterol disease definition
cholesterol disease definition
cholesterol causes
High cholesterol levels are now so many people’s problems without knowing the age. Does the body need cholesterol for the formation of fixed cells and hormones. But excessive bad cholesterol is one of the main causes of heart disease. Increased levels of cholesterol occurs due to various causes, ranging from family history to the wrong intake.
Diet: Eating too much saturated fat can raise cholesterol levels. This type of fat found in meat offal, poultry, eggs, cheese, coconut oil, pastries, as well as various types of fried foods.
Weight: heaps of fat around the stomach and waist not only makes you even look for pants that fit, but also increases the levels of triglycerides and lower HDL or good cholesterol.
Activity level: Lack of activity also increases the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and HDL making too little.
Age and gender: over the age of 20 years, naturally cholesterol levels tend to rise unless you do something to stop that trend.
Overall health: don’t miss out on routine health checks and ask the doctor to explain your risk against various diseases. Has some kind of disease, such as diabetes or hypothyroid can increase cholesterol levels.
Family history: there are certain people who have high cholesterol levels despite already running a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Heredity also plays a role in the occurrence of excess bad cholesterol.
Smoking: you definitely know the dangers of smoking. In addition to damaging the lungs, smoking habit will also lower the good cholesterol levels.
Symptoms of the disease itself, namely: Cholesterol
Many people are not aware of the symptoms of cholesterol. Cholesterol is needed by the body, the actual cholesterol levels already in the human body itself is already fulfilled, without any additional cholesterol intake. Cholesterol is naturally produced in the body is around 80% and 20% other derived from food consumed daily.
Cholesterol symptoms commonly caused by diet and lifestyle is wrong giving rise to high cholesterol.A person with normal cholesterol levels and have a smaller risk of developing other diseases have cholesterol levels with a range of 160-200 mg/dL. But it will pose a danger of more fatal and are at high risk of developing other diseases if cholesterol levels reached above 240 mg/dL can cause a stroke.
People who experience symptoms of mild cholesterol usually shows no symptoms means, but on those who experience symptoms of high cholesterol will show symptoms, such as:
Arise, sometimes the pain is soreness at the nape of the neck or the back of the head
Sometimes this soreness also felt up to the shoulder
Swollen feet
Easy to feel weary and tired
Easy to feel sleepy
If you want to know for sure whether someone is suffering from high cholesterol or not can be done tests in the laboratory. If cholesterol levels above 240 mg/dL, mean cholesterol should be lowered in order not to bring bad effects on the incidence of a disease such as stroke, but if your cholesterol levels are normal (160-200 mg/dL) should still beware and keep diet, a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet so that cholesterol does not increase.
Even as someone who is experienced or suffered indirect cholesterol feel symptoms such as fatigue, fast but will be more pronounced in those who had the obesity/overweight increases the risk of getting worse.
High cholesterol levels can trigger other diseases that contribute to cholesterol namely heart disease and blood vessels. More fatally, there was a buildup of vapour of fat can clog blood flow which can then trigger death due to heart attack or stroke.

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