Eucalyptus treatment for Asthma, Whooping cough, Respiratory problems, Malaria and more



Eucalyptus is a native plant in Australia. It is a tall, evergreen tree, and grows up to 50 metres high. There are approximately 400 different species, but they have almost the same medicinal properties. In tropical countries, including India they are planted in backyards and in private fields and the durable timber is sold at good prices.


* Treatment for asthma.
* For the inflammation of mucous membrane with a free discharge. Also for inflammation of a gland or bladder.
* Bronchitis, whooping cough, inflammation of the urinary bladder.
* Dysentery, tuberculosis, diabetes, fever, cold, malaria, inflammation of the joints and rheumatism.
* To wash wounds, sores and ulcers. It is both disinfectant and healing.
* To reduce or eliminate fever and give tone and vitality to the body.
* For preventing pyorrhoea or discharge of pus from the gums. It is also used for burns.


* The infusion of the leaves is recommended for the first 4 types of ailments under Medicinal use.
* In respiratory problems, especially in the inflammation of the sinus, it is recommended to breathe in the vapour of the decoction of the leaves.
* Externally applied, the decoction of the fresh leaves is recommended for inflammation of the sciatic nerve, joints and various kinds of muscle pains. The decoction of the leaves is also used to wash wounds, sores, and ulcers.
* The oils extracted from the leaves is used to reduce or eliminate fever, prevent discharge of pus from gums and for burns.
*  The oils is extracted as follows: Boil mature leaves in water and condense the vapour to recover the oil. In this way, the odour is less agreeable than other varieties used to produce the medicinal grade of oils commercially.


The leaves, by infusion.


30 grams to 1 litre of water. Use 4 to 5 cups a day.

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