Eliminate Black Spots On Face


Eliminating black spots on the face is essential that the face looks clean and bright. For women, when the face looks dull and grainy black to cause no confidence when dealing with others. Because black spots associated with aging. In many cases common in aging skin dehydration and dry skin types. Exposure to sunlight can damage the collagen and elasticity of facial skin. The effect facial skin becomes dry and there will be pigmentation or dark spots.

For that how to remove black spots on the face must be known in order to advance to be clean and fresh. Here are some steps to get rid of black spots on the face that can be applied in everyday life:

In general, many consider that the skin is clean in the morning. In fact on the contrary, it is precisely at night face tends to be oily and sweat so that in the morning, the skin will look dirty and dull. For prevention and treatment in the morning, wash face with cleansing milk to be free of dirt and remnants of sweat. Adjust milk cleanser type with our skin type.

Skin Moisturizing Face

Vitamin C intake was not what we would naturally moisturize the face. So after we finished cleaning the face, apply a moisturizer. To select a moisturizer, choose one that has enough water content and applied when the face is wearing makeup that does not dry the skin.

Protect Skin

Vitamin C can clean up the free radicals caused by particles from the sun on the skin of the face. But it still needed extra care so that the effect of sunscreen sun like black spots can be neutralized. Besides the other benefits of sunscreen to filter ultraviolet rays UV C and UV B, disguise blemishes, and brighten the skin.


The time is right and good for skin repair is at night. Moreover, to eliminate the black spots on the face, the night is highly recommended. Because when resting, the blood flows smoothly and the intake of oxygen into the blood will increase. When going to bed, after an advance cleaned using whitening serum with the direction of the twist that serum absorbed.

Steps above are tips for removing black spots on the face that can be applied from morning till night. Must be adjusted to work activities and patterns of our lives. Do not forget to consume enough water and exercise regularly.

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