Efficacy snake oil

Efficacy snake oil

Efficacy snake oil since ancient times our ancestors have known that the product is believed to snake oil is very effective for treating bodily injury, cobra snake oil properties among which

  • Eliminate heartburn in taxable knalpon burns or insect sting
  • Eliminate sores in cuts, circumcision, cut, hit, falling
  • Relieve itching and heal skin diseases such as scab, scabies, ulcers, Sprue, Itchy
  • Eliminate irritation of acne
  • Protect the wound from bacteria and acne
  • Stop the bleeding in the wound immediately
  • Relaxes the injured area during healing and prevent blisters on scar
  • Accelerate wound healing and stimulate new skin growth
  • Heal wounds with minimal scars
  • To accelerate wound healing for patients with diabetes (dry faster)
  • Addressing the wounds caused by insect bites
  • Skin irritation with itching and reddened skin
  • Overcoming initial herpes attacks before widening

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