Efficacy Of Cassava Leaves For Health

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Efficacy Of Cassava Leaves For Health
Cassava leaves for health benefits, they’ve certainly-probably never try and feel the taste of cassava leaves, along with the usual serve as hot with rice and vegetable side dishes. But who would have thought that cassava leaves have tremendous benefits.
Cassava leaves are rich in nutrition have Vitamin A, B1 and c. Additionally also cassava leaves also contain minerals, amino acids, and proteins of life which is very good for the body.
Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Cassava Leaves To Treat A Variety Of Diseases:
Treating Headaches
Cassava leaves are able to relieve a headache, let alone a headache most often experienced by each person. How can I make use of cassava leaves? How, some mashed cassava leaves and then place the sheet over the head that feels pain or make it as a compress.
Rheumatic Pain Cure
If you often have pain dibagian-bagian Your chances of developing certain rheumatic. The solution is to treat it with cassava leaves, because the cassava leaves are also efficacious in treating rheumatic diseases. The trick is pretty easy, take 5 pieces of cassava leaves and then mix a little with whiting, along with water, then squeeze-squeeze until crushed. Then apply the inner joints or bones that feels gout do three times a day, Insha Allah you will heal rheumatic diseases.
Treating Pain Diarrhea
In addition also cassava leaves are also useful in treating pain diarrhea. The trick is pretty easy, you just take seven sheets of cassava leaves then You boil water with just the 800 cc to 400 cc. be left then filter the water of the cassava leaves and drank water as much as 200 cc. enough you then a day twice and Inshallah diarrheal disease you will get well soon.
That’s a bit of an explanation regarding the efficacy of cassava leaves for health that I can describe. Hopefully by having an article about the efficacy of cassava leaves for health I made could be beneficial for all of us.

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