Efficacy Mango Prevent Stroke and Heart


Mango is a fruit that is very sweet and fresh when eaten. Behind it tastes good and it turned out delicious mango fruit is very good for health salahs them is to prevent heart disease and prevent stroke. Heart disease and stroke is very dangerous to health. So we need to treat or resolve prior heart disease or stroke them.

By drinking mango juice or eating a ripe mango then, will be able to reduce resikao heart disease and stroke. Mango fruit is also a good anti-oxidants to keep our stamina.

By eating or drinking mango juice, we can reduce the risk of dangerous diseases. It is recommended to a stroke or heart disease to consume mango fruit without sugar Because the content of the mango fruit already contains substances that are sufficient for the health of our bodies.

Mango is a fruit rich in vitamins and can cope with the disease. So we have to regularly eat nutritious foods like mangoes.

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